Love Shanghai refers to the long tail keywords can also do no numerical optimization

Love Shanghai refers to the long tail keywords can also do no numerical optimization

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second, the comparative analysis of other similar long tail keywords. For example, we choose vertical talent sites such as keywords, we need further analysis and other index of long tail keywords, such as personnel website this keyword index reached 589, while the medical talent network index dropped to 100, while only cosmetic medical site index will become 0, through this industry transformation the way to realize the combination of long tail keywords screening, can get the long tail keywords potential, then optimized, not only reduces the difficulty of optimization, but also effectively enhance the future development of web space.

?Of course, according to the Shanghai

shows that even if there is no long tail keywords love Shanghai index, it is not optimal value.

love index zero keywords also need to be selected, such as the long tail keywords although the current love Shanghai index is zero, but then as to enhance the visibility of the industry, enhance the universality of application, these long tail keywords search volume will therefore continue to improve, that is to find some with the development potential of the long tail keyword search. The following is to analyze how to choose the long tail keywords.

there is no further decrease the degree of competition of the keyword method? The answer is yes, that is to choose love Shanghai more low index value of only a few dozen, even 0 words. Webmasters may doubt that, since the love of Shanghai index values are zero, even if it is to enhance the success of the rankings, no one to search that is not all-match

in Shanghai Longfeng optimization circle has a conventional view, that is to avoid the competition of core keywords, as far as possible with the long tail keywords love Shanghai index were optimized, so the degree of competition will decline, the optimization to the first page of the success rate will rise, but also has a good amount of this search long tail keywords, the conversion rate is relatively high. Of course, this theory is not a mistake, but it is so, led to the current many long tail keywords the degree of competition also began to rise, for the majority of grassroots webmaster, want to achieve the optimization of the success is undoubtedly very difficult.

first, to select keywords can meet the user search habits. In fact, understanding of user search habits is not difficult, you search habits usually is the user search habits, such as a variety of technical words, price class keywords and local keywords can meet love Shanghai user search habits, such as keyword plus price growth and tail keywords, keywords and core technology or local plus the core keywords are able to form long tail keywords etc.. The price is usually used in key products trading, and technology keywords are used mainly in training, education and other industries, and local keywords is usually the place some of the services and local products etc.. This combination of common user search habits, we can combine the advantages of their own selection of these three different types of long tail keywords optimization.

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