An analysis of the long tail keywords to help Hangzhou Shanghai dragon love Shanghai ranked first

An analysis of the long tail keywords to help Hangzhou Shanghai dragon love Shanghai ranked first

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recently in Hangzhou Shanghai dragon Er group lively, love Shanghai ranking changes, the first Hangzhou honored Bai Bing’s personal website ranking. Hangzhou Shanghai dragon and Hangzhou Bai Bing not want to optimize the word, after all, is currently engaged in the Shanghai dragon training. Before Hangzhou, Shanghai dragon first are now their friends, like Hu Yufeng, brother Ma Minghao, feather. The circle is the Hangzhou Bai Bing website, the Shanghai dragon is just about the same accidentally on the first love in Shanghai.


two, how to choose the appropriate long tail keywords

?We all know that opponent

3, to choose what keywords >

on their web site, the website optimization must have been a lot of other companies also need Shanghai Longfeng talent, so do the Hangzhou Shanghai dragon training. Through their own efforts, and finally in Hangzhou Shanghai dragon training love Shanghai first appeared.

, to determine the value of long tail keywordsWhen I was in Hangzhou

Hangzhou Shanghai dragon the word is not preferred in Hangzhou Bai Bing website core words, because Hangzhou Shanghai Longfeng lot, which also no shortage of Shanghai dragon master. When Bai Bing Hangzhou in the website of the core keywords, choose the long tail keywords as the core keywords website. The word Hangzhou Shanghai dragon is good, but a lot of competition. Hangzhou Bai Bing also knew how to their level, and chose Hangzhou Shanghai dragon training as the core word of personal website, dedicated to the Shanghai dragon training services.

the picture above, we can know that the popular keywords not only investment, but the rate is very low, the risk is great. From the perspective of enterprise website optimization, popular keywords is not the first choice. The popular keywords, takes a long cycle, can also cause website ranking situation suspended in midair. Single long tail keywords will not bring a lot of traffic, but a large number of long tail keywords optimization up is not flow.




site location of long tail keywords

hot word is very good, but there are some difficulties in the optimization of time. Another point, a popular word in the conversion rate than the long tail key is more accurate. Such as: where will Hangzhou Shanghai Hangzhou Shanghai dragon dragon training? What are the training institutions in Hangzhou? Shanghai dragon training who is the best? Question answering and so on a series of long tail keywords composed, prompting customers to study in Shanghai Longfeng a reference.

Shanghai dragon training word, love Shanghai index shows almost no traffic. No traffic does not mean no later, say what want to learn Shanghai dragon, Hangzhou Shanghai dragon training estimates after the search of the word.

, a Hangzhou Bai Bing why love long tail keywords

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