Analysis of black hat Shanghai Longfeng power four month weight 6

Analysis of black hat Shanghai Longfeng power four month weight 6

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yesterday a friend told me a Taobao guest website, said Niu X, the author observed a moment, is a classic black hat Shanghai Longfeng practices, to share with you to discuss, no nonsense to above:

bridge cheating tactics according to different user agent, return to a different page, the user opens the page automatically jump to the advertising page, and the spider crawling returns are especially optimized web pages, spiders crawl page content can be viewed by love Shanghai. This is why this looks are not what the website ranking will be included and why so good. At present, this kind of cheating, Google will be able to identify very early, you can go to Google search the site, estimates are not included. Some people will say that this will soon be just flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum, K, I believe that the fundamental purpose of Shanghai dragon is to make money, regardless of the site of black hat or white hat is worth for us to study, after all, this website brings a lot of profit. But I do not suggest that you have to study the so-called Shanghai dragon black hat, in fact this is just one case, without too much attention, do your own thing. As long as you do, your site will not be poor. Let’s look at what place this site, why so cattle


you can see the domain name age: 4 months and 1 days, love Shanghai included 26W, trans 9w120, a very alarming figure. How is it in just four months to reach this? I do a simple analysis, welcome tucao. This site is a classic Shanghai dragon black hat case, this case is told us the black hat Shanghai dragon has been (to love Shanghai), the site should be made use of popular bridge cheating techniques, a bridge in the black hat unlimited page with this similar in nature, if do industry profits or plug side of the ball industry website can persist for half a month will have to earn. No matter what the Internet industry convention, money is the truth. This method is applied in this site to the extreme level should be almost, expert of Shanghai dragon means, I guess it is the result of the operation team. As the black hat sites generally don’t live long, you can see the noble baby have been identified is bridge cheating, love Shanghai has not identified, the love of Shanghai is often slow step.

cattle in his large, high quality original articles "". Some people will say: he is the polymerization of Taobao headlines, how can be regarded as high quality original articles? So he can because the first operation is: Taobao screen love Shanghai spiders; if the preconditions are not, all the impossible. Before one by cheating, cheating on the content, and his manipulation just to meet this time love Shanghai adjustment of original content requirements. The second is to select the long tail keywords true value, we can not only see his keyword index, and the competition is small, presumably in the keyword of this area is definitely a lot of effort. >


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