WordPress reduce the similarity of web page tips

WordPress reduce the similarity of web page tips

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, a random article

Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon

add random article believe that a lot of Shanghai dragon friends have added, one can make the home move to a web page snapshot update; two is to reduce the site similarity, because each page refresh after random display articles are not the same. So add random article is to reduce the "similarity of good skills, random article sometimes can be a good solution to the problem of snapshot does not update, you can try.


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related articles add more is to give visitors we recommend relevant content. The articles can be seen as a good simple method to increase website internal links. Because the article is in accordance with the "tag" and "classification" to achieve, so the correlation between the content is great. Of course, the blog program in the website structure optimization is most beneficial to not only because of this.

many sites on the site at the bottom of the copyright information, as well as some "Theme by XXX" and the website record number and other information, in fact, the information on the website optimization is no effect, so it can not display can not let it show, it must show can make it only in the home show. And at the bottom of the copyright is similar to the WordPress and the file, if a month to write 30 articles, then filing these 30 articles is almost the same, it can set the article page does not display or remove.

as a Shanghai dragon staff, we know that the similarity between the pages of the web page included the lower the better, because the search engines love the original. Many websites because of the layout is not very good, leading to the similarity between the pages is very high, which will cause the website content included and the number of "the proportion is very small, Hebei Shanghai dragon xing’er love WordPress, here to share with you the next WordPress to reduce the similarity of web page tips.

WordPress is a very good program, powerful, more conducive to optimizing, reduce the similarity of web page tips you can go to mining.

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two and related articles

at the bottom of the copyright information


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