The solution to reduce the chain and the corresponding reasons

The solution to reduce the chain and the corresponding reasons

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on the other hand to understand the chain don’t care much, only care about the fine. It is easy to understand, a high quality of the chain on top of several low quality of the chain, the chain of high quality is relatively stable, do not worry will be reduced, and the low quality of the chain may be the next love Shanghai is updated and become zero. So we send in the chain, should be to quality based, supplemented by quantity.

in China, love is the boss of Shanghai. Shanghai love the passions will affect the status of the site, every webmaster are full of fear to love Shanghai. Every update to love Shanghai, the webmaster can appear, that site is down right, collected and the chain to reduce, even by the K. Therefore, the love of Shanghai is a challenge for every webmaster. Here, a brief talk about how to deal with the new reduction, love Shanghai anti chain are wrong, please enlighten.

be deleted the chain is already unable to recover, we have to do is continue to increase the chain. The website not Trans is absolutely not, that should be how to increase the chain? The author thinks through space; blog; Post Bar; know ask; document library; network search hidden clip; soft; Links; classified information platform and BBS platform to.

we should be made clear that the decline in the chain is not unexpected site was not love Shanghai love. When the webmaster found the decrease in the number of website chain, do not need to feel too sad, to be taken seriously because the webmaster and love Shanghai is playing a long game. We have to face her, find out the real reason for the decrease of the chain.

the chain and be deleted after included? The main reason is that the quality is not high, the chain is not stable. The reason mainly has several aspects. One is the other sites in the post is the station manager shielding, signature, message and topic posts have been deleted; two is in the post advertisement nature such as love Shanghai space like ah is too strong, unstable, it was deleted. The three is the chain platform issued by love to punish Shanghai.

Why is

, the two main reasons of reduce trans

, a major source of the chainThe

three, how to deal with the chain fell

webmaster > first

chain is refers to our website links from other sites into. Every webmaster all understand the importance of the chain, the chain can bring traffic, the chain will affect our website weight and included. We are the main source of the website chain has Links, from other websites have their own web site posts hair soft and be reproduced with links.

when we love Shanghai trans query domain: domain name, found that the chain number increase, which is good. But many times we also find that the number will continue down the chain. Regardless of love Shanghai chain check chain number is accurate, as long as it is dropped, it is a fact that we must check the reason.

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