Yue Hao of love Shanghai statistics ten big data analysis index

Yue Hao of love Shanghai statistics ten big data analysis index

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if a visitor within 30 minutes without new or refresh the page, or directly closes the browser, to his next visit to the site, it is a new access. If the website user stickiness is good enough, many times during the day with a user login, then access number will be larger than the number of visitors.

is the number of visits to the web page for visitors complete open access. If the number of visits was significantly less than the number of visitors, that many users are not fully open the web page will be closed. If this is the case, we need to check the site access speed, to see what is wrong or the web site space program out of the question.

view and the number of visits is echoed. Every open a page when users access the site, it is 1 PV. The same page is visited.

refers to the number of visitors a day how many different users visit your site. Love Shanghai completely abandoned the IP statistical index, and this index enabled the number of visitors, because IP often cannot reflect the real number of users. Especially for some small business flow station, IP number and the number of visitors will have a difference.

Two, the number of


statistical tools in many websites, love Shanghai statistics with its powerful function of data analysis by many webmaster praise. Most of the website is the main tool of the statistical quantity index on the website of the statistics, and love Shanghai introduced some advanced statistical analysis of website quality index, let many webmaster to understand website user experience is good, the website conversion rate is not high, the user how to look at this website. But love Shanghai statistics and previous tools and not the same, all of a sudden so many owners can not find the clue. Therefore, Yue Hao and ten data we simply talk about love Shanghai statistical analysis index, so that we can better understand and use this tool to love Shanghai statistics.

A number of visitors, Three,

the number of visitors is mainly cookie as the basis to judge, and each computer cookie is not the same. The number of IP in some cases will be greater than the real number of visitors. For example, a ADSL dial-up users, may one day in three different periods of dial-up and visited the site, then the 3 is the number of IP sites, but the number of visitors is 1 true. Sometimes the number of visitors would be greater than the number of IP, because the place like this company, Internet cafes are often multiple users to share a IP. For example, an employee in the company saw a very favorable group purchase information, and then through the QQ bulk to all my colleagues in the company, if 50 people opened the group purchase page, then the group purchase website will get 50 real users, but only a IP. Through the two examples above, we can know the number of visitors to more accurately reflect the real number of users than IP number.


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