The promotion of electronic commerce enterprises paid to people of Shanghai dragon boom

The promotion of electronic commerce enterprises paid to people of Shanghai dragon boom

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Chinese Internet started late, the current e-commerce is still in the stage of development, enterprise e-commerce good opportunities, but most enterprises still do not have a dedicated e-commerce operations department, not to mention the Shanghai dragon optimization department. It is because of this situation of the enterprises in the construction site, because did not think too much, resulting in not much traffic, some websites have become "dead website", so the enterprise website most by bidding too increase site traffic, search engine based on Web has lost her true value. The development of electronic commerce today, search engine optimization more and more attention by enterprises, also more and more shows its advantages, search engine from the point of view of e-commerce, has covered each industry, optimization and became a special occupation site engineer >

Shanghai dragon

last year Taobao double 11 day to create 3 billion 360 million yuan Alipay transactions, Taobao mall and taobao贵族宝贝 Alipay total turnover exceeded 5 billion 200 million yuan. At the same time, small and medium enterprises in electronic commerce to obtain A new force suddenly rises., rapid development in a difficult environment. Taobao relevant responsible person said, the electronic commerce good quality and service, do not lose the traditional brand. To do the electricity supplier, Shanghai dragon must first.

talent gap is large, the enterprise paid to people

the only way which must be passed

is now more and more enterprises and individuals engaged in e-commerce, tens of thousands of sellers in the fierce competition. In order to better promote the eighteen, like Wu Yi all used up, nor what role, what Forum promotion, blog promotion, micro-blog marketing, email marketing and so on in order to occupy a space for one person is totally resorted to tricks, sufficient funds to enterprises to do the rich media in the portal to return the massive promotion, had little effect, but not a few people focus on the search engine. Shanghai Dragon (Search Engine Optimization), commonly known as search engine optimization, gradually into the vision of the Internet, a kind of marketing Shanghai Dragon – she is popular, this technology can not only meet the needs of the search engine, but also greatly enhance the user experience of the website, which translates more customers. Shanghai dragon is a kind of low-cost marketing methods, through natural ranking, to increase the enterprise website exposure rate and flow, once the website in Shanghai love the ranking, will remain persistent website.

: Shanghai dragon enterprise electronic commerce

enterprise electronic commerce, must consider how to reduce the cost, how to improve website traffic in the upsurge of e-commerce, how to improve the visibility of the brand, Shanghai dragon just to the business enterprise to meet the needs of the development of the electricity supplier. As users of the Internet have a better understanding of love, Shanghai became a netizen since search tools, the convenient search tool, has occupied nearly 80% of the market of Internet users, search the visible love Shanghai Shanghai Dragon Technology and take the heat is not only based on the search engine needs is the need for the majority of Internet users the.

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