Website drop right reason analysis of some of the ideas from simple to detail

Website drop right reason analysis of some of the ideas from simple to detail

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, a leading station optimization right down


registered a new domain name, the old domain 301 to a new domain, so that the transfer of the old domain to the new domain name

revision: gradual change, not a one-time change too much.


didn’t do what operation, and the right to be reduced, it may lead to some external factors.

program: the shield

Detection of

drop right below the

website, keyword, or false original article acquisition, the purchase of a large number of the chain, or do a lot of irrelevant chain

server is stableWhether the contents of

4, excluding these cause a temporary fluctuation is the website, this situation is observed for a period of time to see.

For example, the

server is not stable, horse.


3, if the above 2 did not appear on your website, you can see that the log to see if there is a spider, if there is a spider, observe a period of time, should be restored.

problems included: the new site, love Shanghai in 20 days.

2, if

or robots shielding and then make a new content.

Further analysis of For example, the

domain name: the old domain to the new domain name

1, first of all to think about what has recently undergone operation, this is a way to find the right down to one of the fastest.

is pseudo original or acquisition. This period will be included, will reduce the number of late.

3, external factors (web server with IP’s illegal websites, the server is not stable, the site was linked to horse, love Shanghai server problems)

is not normal, it is recommended for a domain name, the domain name may be done before because the site to drop right.

about a month or so will resume weight.



chain (without the law, the chain is not coherent in the majority)


site is the cause of the K is divided into

1, the station optimization (website, revising the title, page 404, a large number of false original, collection content)

included reducing:

1, check with other IP sites, other sites are included, if there is to see whether the log normal, normal for a period of time.

station to drop right is divided into: the revision of the new station, frequently changed the title, a 404 page collection, pseudo original

collection, right down to the pseudo original

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