To understand the link anchor text

To understand the link anchor text

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chain is generally divided into: home page links, text links, links, forum signature



chain is generally divided into 2 types: pure URL, anchor text.

forum signature: General Forum reaches a certain level can bring on the anchor text link, it is mainly aimed at to add anchor text signature.

Several links form According to the position of the

< a; anchor text: href= "贵族宝贝**贵族宝贝" > < /a> Nanjing Shanghai dragon; by viewing the page display code is the standard A tag is a form of anchor text links (forum using [url=贵族宝贝**贵族宝贝] Nanjing Shanghai dragon [/url] by transformation is the standard A tags), so you can distinguish the code page.

According to the form of the

anchor text anchor text to enhance the web, weight, ranking (above A tags in the Nanjing Shanghai dragon is the anchor text). On this page is for the word ranking, weight lifting.

above there is our common chain form.

: as the name suggests is the text links in the text links.

may in many novice eyes that pure URLs are not what meaning, in fact the URL is pure; transfer weight to the entire page, we believe this is because, unlike the anchor text so directly, the anchor text is aimed at a known word; and network access is not aimed at any one word look, the effect is not obvious, but the overall weight of the improvement is of great significance ".

: only a pure web site 贵族宝贝**贵族宝贝, no link address, keyword.

just saw a post on the site, said that the increase of the keyword, link anchor text to click, but not before. But the address displayed /function/c_urlredirect.asp? =h7t4t7p5%3A2%2F4%2F9w%2E7q1q7678813%2E4c4o7m7, asked the count is the chain.


home links: general home page link is Links, of course, does not exclude the one-way (cross purchase form).

said the anchor text link, the Internet people are not unfamiliar, is a hyperlink that links to a path of other pages, in search engine optimization (Shanghai dragon) has very important significance in the other.

link: generally appear in the bottom of the website, such as the bottom of the site, the word Chengdu Shanghai dragon is a station link.

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