Shanghai dragon Er is not to do the Shanghai dragon please return to the truth to practitioners

Shanghai dragon Er is not to do the Shanghai dragon please return to the truth to practitioners

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I believe we all know there are a lot of expert, although they did not claim to be the master, but most of us have been a myth. The Internet a lot of low-key Shanghai dragon master, but I believe they also have a lot of websites have been punished in the love of Shanghai in the new algorithm, before the Shanghai dragon VIP is also an outstanding Shanghai dragon master, but he will also have the mistake, Shanghai dragon cheats, simply continue to operate the manager, continue to fail, continue to love Shanghai rivalry, will find some shortcomings. It can also be found in its bottom line, found its temper, according to their own experience slowly judgment, follow the rules, do it like that. This is a very simple words, but can not process is so elegantly to write short, Shanghai dragon Er should learn some helpful local details, there are a lot of articles now, just tell you to write original articles, make high quality links. If each station do not so strange. Shanghai dragon Er also want to know the occasional use of some gray means (which is not to teach you to do hackers), if in full accordance with the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform textbooks, of course, you are the good child, it will certainly take care of you, it’s just too many children, so you have to be patient and on time patience.


in various forums, in Shanghai Longfeng practitioners counterparts, many now take wages to compare and exchange, after discussion, a large part of the practitioners only in about 3000 of monthly wages. Because of the low wage of 3000 in the Shanghai dragon sigh of sorrow, and the envy of the 12000 yuan monthly salary counterparts. The dark side feeling, all day long hair link, send the article, while more easily, only web site management, good operators can get high salary. Shanghai dragon! Er do not porters, if you are holding the high salary of the practitioners, please see the following questions. [Master can also take a look at several views] my

2, Shanghai Dragon technology should keep pace with the times, not the old books and previous worship.

Er is a lot of Shanghai dragon in the learning stage, in a forum after training or read a few books, think oneself is very understand Shanghai Dragon technology, I would like to ask: learning how long only, even if you are a genius, that they must show a genius, don’t take a a good case that they badly, or take a few low competition, low index website to show off. Say you are good at website optimization, he is doing more than 1-2 stations, and hundreds of thousands of the index, more than a few. Don’t work in 3 months will require 3 years of experience in wages, Shanghai would need to rely on the Dragon technology out of practice experience, slowly to sum up and combined with various new algorithms to operate. Of course, besides the topic, some people even have 3 years working experience in Shanghai Longfeng, is also a rookie level, this is not the details of

1, from long, did many successful cases of


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