Shanghai Dragon which tend to be more conversion rate and flow to you

Shanghai Dragon which tend to be more conversion rate and flow to you

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in terms of traffic

second: the transformation rate of

with the flow, how the quality of the rest is your site. The layout is in line with the user experience section >?

to improve the flow through Shanghai Longfeng way, so the primary consideration is the key word set, to consider what keywords are potential users commonly used? User point of view to the specified keyword list. In the early stage, and to avoid some fierce competition for the company to compete, early can dig through, find some accurate, to do long tail keywords high conversion rate of users.

, Shanghai dragon target is through the optimization of the reasonable means, to achieve a way to make the profit of the enterprise through the website of the transformation. But then again, if you want to achieve a good transformation, you must make a site with some visitors to this web site traffic, no traffic to the website any talk about transformation? So here is the website traffic and especially important. In fact, this is not contradictory, the best that Shanghai Longfeng as long as you do about 2 points, can be very good for the 2 to coexist, finally achieve the desired effect:


if you are a JAVA training institution, and is just set up, then, my advice is: don’t go to do JAVA training this keyword, put the main energy and focus on your area two keywords, such as: Zhengzhou JAVA training. Because the broad keyword is based on user interest based on the search, further two keywords users may have certain purchase intent in search of time. So just start to avoid the edge, slowly beyond

site traffic: refers to the site visits, visit a website that is used to describe the number of users and users of the web page number index. Some of the specific indicators such as: independent of the number of visitors, the number of page views for each visitor, the number of page views and so on.

through you to set reasonable keywords, has reached into the flow of purpose, then you need to do now is to make your website and these keywords are highly relevant, highly matching. Only do the relevance of the website, to improve user viscosity, in order to let search engines also interested in you.

In fact,

: the first

website conversion rate: refers to the user of the corresponding ratio target of the operation of the total visits and visits. This is a general explanation, specific can to enter the number of sites which have set the target of many websites such as: buy the product, service, subscribe to the registered mail, registered members etc..

said Shanghai dragon can not say the conversion rate of the site and site traffic. Speaking of the conversion rate of the site and the flow of the problem and the industry will cause controversy. Like the "chicken and egg" problem. But after years of discussion and argument, Shanghai dragon circles have reached a consensus that the conversion rate and flow is as important as


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