Shanghai dragon er you transformation Shanghai dragon survival sorrow

Shanghai dragon er you transformation Shanghai dragon survival sorrow

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Shanghai Longfeng position awkward

in my opinion, Shanghai dragon in the importance of Internet development survival to such enterprises, it is best to Internet companies, traditional companies often do not understand this, also do not pay attention to, think a man will be able to solve the problem, allow enterprises to embark on the peak, access to a large number of sales, however, Shanghai dragon one is completely dry good.

and in fact, bidding Shanghai Longfeng can get orders? The answer is of course not. Shanghai dragon is so miraculous? There, look at what kind of enterprise.

you should have participated in various interviews, have met all kinds of wonderful, non professional problems, I live in a city of Internet development is extremely backward in this city to recruit some Shanghai dragon is often some penniless small businesses, and small businesses are often an objective existence great utilitarian heart, wish you to be a ready-made panacea even some small business, do not understand what is the Shanghai dragon, often see their peers are doing, will follow this point, and now many companies do not understand what is new media operations as follow.

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Shanghai dragon to involve all aspects of the program, the editor, I took a few medical or medical practitioners experience, Shanghai dragon embarrassed itself alone, and often have to program communication on the web site and the adjustment procedure is to do it, you couldn’t say others, and do not have a big problem, for the site of the Shanghai dragon and editor, small company website articles are copied from the Internet, the editor, just copy and paste the porter, a standard for a web site is Shanghai dragon and can develop is the most important content of the original: degree. The editor and a small company’s attitude is, ability in this, write out this thing, no other. No original content, Shanghai dragon also talk about what ranking, ranking companies also want not what orders, and Shanghai dragon is only a part of the network marketing.

this morning, he wants to write an article, but I often think about things, as a business a few years of Shanghai dragon Er, is very sad and sad, I also advise to become Shanghai dragon er who give up the plan, can be said is a waste of youth, the in life there are many youth can waste

and most of the enterprises do not understand what is the Shanghai dragon, garbage network, plus some unscrupulous in order to get the benefits of the Shanghai dragon blowing into the day, what do the Shanghai dragon can get a lot of orders for the enterprise, the promotion of free and often what, some enterprises is the value of this, only to recruit Shanghai Longfeng, enterprise has greatly hindered the utilitarian heart of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon and even more network promotion are not clear, that is the Shanghai dragon network promotion, think network promotion is Shanghai dragon, this company is not in the minority.

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