The enemy change the original submission that Jianwai chain

The enemy change the original submission that Jianwai chain

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I think, although we are unable to use the data clearly indicates how many text URL for the website optimization effect, but from the daily maintenance of Shanghai Longfeng Yunnan blog >

It is proved that the

but the plan did not change quickly, so down the implementation of the effect is not as good as before is Chinese network generally lack of awareness of copyright, while accepting submissions, the original articles published in the website to the chain, even the anchor text; but many other websites reproduced it consciously website with the chain, and even changed their own web site, others will be the original hard for themselves, even Zan Hui (ZAC) of the articles are generally not dare to false, and well-known grassroots webmaster articles.

of course, now the situation is slightly better, more sites Shanghai dragon ER and webmaster know the original is not easy, so most websites reprinted articles when they took the first original content website — but don’t say the anchor text is hypertext chain are few, most of them are just plain text.

method contributes the construction of the chain has become obsolete in the face of such a situation? How to deal with


, the industry authority website weight high, the chain is strong relevance, but also different from the more forum outside the chain (blog) is that this chain naturally appears in the text, so the chain is favored by a search engine, is of high quality.

two, regardless of any industry, the network of high quality and insightful original content less, once appear, reproduced a number of websites, while writing high quality original content of the article is not easy, it can easily reach the "true master does not know Shanghai dragon chain site specific in what place, only know their own website many outside the chain, because there are many people for the most willing to he established the chain" effect.

write their own organization or some industry experts to write a unique understanding of the original article on certain aspects of industry development, with the site published in the domestic industry authority website, will inevitably lead to many websites reproduced, you can easily get a lot of high quality links, this is the chain chain method is advanced Shanghai Dragon ER who are respected, although this method compared to other chain method is time-consuming and laborious, but also more prominent advantages:

because of these benefits, many Shanghai dragon ER and owners in the daily regular cuisine website, constantly writing original articles in their first website, and then submitted to the industry authority website. I hope by this kind of persistence, realize their website not fly already, soar; but, blockbuster "the purpose of the.

three, for the rush to build a reputation within the industry of small and medium-sized sites, if a period of time for publication of high quality, has a certain reference value for the development of the industry of the original article, is easy to cause concern in the industry, is most favorable for website promotion, extremely easy to create visibility and influence in the industry website.

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