My analysis of the website of Shanghai Dragon Tattoo example

My analysis of the website of Shanghai Dragon Tattoo example

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currently only modify Keywords tag, description is ready to change, but the title is not ready to change, because my heart is more urgent, that changed after the problem occurs, and the competition is not very intense, also afraid of keyword stuffing, will not change the.

, a tattoo of the web site keywords

my tattoo website layout, I do not understand the code, but I understand the point of theory (specific code can be handed over to understand the technology to do), it is in the whole website shows the tree structure, by constructing relationship between each module of father and son relationship level relationship? Well, every >?


so, when you are in the choice of words, we must find the right direction, different industries and different keywords, here I can’t tell you the specific analysis, only think twice.

get my tattoo site for example, core keywords "tattoo, tattoo tattoo, Daquan, tattoo equipment, tattoo training, related keywords and long tail keywords" how much attention, tattoo tattoo, tattoo tattoo does it hurt, how much money does it hurt, tattoo, tattoo tattoo lovers Daquan, XX pattern daquan… Kylin tattoo tattoo exquisite, exquisite XX…" So, I looked at the level of competition, if you take my column page and the content page to do, this is I never ZhengZhan optimization, the ability and energy. So I decided to do with the home, because the competition is not very intense, I put these words in the main layout page, with their website home page column page and the content page to compete with others these rankings relatively easier! – here is the layout of my thinking.

I’m not a professional Shanghai dragon Er, also through in various forums to learn, master a lot of knowledge, now own website, and gradually put the knowledge into the middle of the website optimization inside the tattoo, a lot of problems or mistakes, but through their own desire for knowledge to solve. Now I will shrink the points of knowledge use and share.


website ranking outside the home page, column page, content page (channels), decreasing weight (normal), all know the core keywords page, put column page related, put the content page of the long tail, but specifically how to layout

a lot of learning Shanghai Longfeng people always entangled in the chain, the chain code, put aside knowledge about this knot is going in the wrong direction. I started to tattoo the choice of keywords error occurs. Keywords the original website is "tattoo", through the research and analysis of the day, only to find "tattoo encyclopedia" is more commercial value, but also positive, "tattoo", but do not choose? I can easily tell from many aspects, because of ignoring the importance of keyword selection, leading to late change a keyword, currently found little effect.

two, tattoo web site keywords and long tail keywords layout

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