n January 2007 the whole network Unicom SP revenue rankingsYu Xiaodan founder of the empty fox s

n January 2007 the whole network Unicom SP revenue rankingsYu Xiaodan founder of the empty fox s

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TechWeb May 8th news reports, empty fox founder Yu Xiaodan exposes the capital was abandoned, injustice, and the investors of Kunlun chairman Zhou Yahui "taking each tear", recently in the continuous fermentation on the network.

empty fox founder Yu Xiaodan


, the adventures of the empty fox season second, was told that the empty fox was going to shut down silently, and I think it would be worthless for Zhou Yahui since it was closed. See many users reluctant, former colleagues do not want this product disappeared, but I contacted Zhou Yahui did not reply, had to send the article attracted attention. Zhou Yahui said I was to send the hype, the cap-a-pie sullied insults, about their won clean. I don’t throw dirty water on Zhou Yahui, but here I still say he’s unprofessional as an investor.

Yu Xiaodan, who has been kicked out of the board during a serious illness, has changed the ownership of the company’s 90% equity holder to investor Zhou Yahui. Subsequently, Yu Xiaodan said he was not informed of the case, know Zhou Yahui want to close the empty fox. In this regard, Zhou Yahui refutes Yu Xiaodan said "making up stories, interpret out of context," and accused Yu Xiaodan of lost light 50 million yuan investment. Yu Xiaodan responded again, responding to Zhou Yahui’s accusations. Tang Wen

, just briefly.

"the adventures of the empty Fox" season second – "dirty water I’m not afraid"

yesterday I feel like a class is high grade students as ou. Some people think good, clean up the low grade, high grade boy as they did so over. Some people say that this must be the lower grade did something bad, or else how to beat her high grade? This feeling is really familiar.

– the company completed two rounds of financing, the second round of lead investment for Zhou Yahui, the first round of shareholders with the cast. Zhou Yahui in the absence of agreement on gambling case, after the signing of the contract a year did not play enough, finally breach of contract change. Zhou Yahui signed an agreement to invest 45 million. The actual period of the year a total of 23 million and 3 million to the accounts, Zhou Yahui paid to COO Zeno, not for the company’s operations. Arrears 19 million.

– the investment is insufficient, but it will be enough, so for a long time the company’s budget is based on full investment. Shareholders check accounts every month, and are funded annually by Sequoia

below is Yu Xiaodan’s latest response:

SP SP code name                 GSM                CDMA          & nbsp;     total;
10000, Sina,        ;     6196935.87, 1301688.11, two

30014 an irresistible force

91229 networks, 3996068.11, 1364872.27, 5360940.38

90300 Beijing air courier 3775000.24, 7587.02, 3782587.26

90079 Beijing chixuntong 2530058.39 626425.75 3156484.14
30006, Tencent,        ;     2117698.31, 982635.22, and 3100333.53
20001, Sohu,        ;     819186.06, 1936899.23, and 2756085.29

91356 Guangzhou Heng Chun 2019822.97, 101124.33, 2120947.3

10033 Taikang Gerbaud 1759030.61 221273.81 1980304.42

20000 Shanghai blue 1067239.78 388730.03 1455969.81
30018, Beijing, Bluebird, union 1049752.37, 388219.59, 1437971.96

91463 1427469.01 643.02 1428112.03 Chengdu Monternet

30003 huadongfeitian 1341198.48 79375.37 1420573.85
60004, NetEase,        >;  

signed a contract with the contract, do not give money to him and dragged down the founder did not dare to say, do not change the contract, change of business, audit, he pretended not to know the requirements of the board of directors he does not open now that I do not report, I said investors squandering money. Each of these is not a single case, these investment circles customary trick, you can borrow my things experience life.

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