Mito company will go to Hong Kong PO investor pressure or cause

Mito company will go to Hong Kong PO investor pressure or cause

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is the parent company of Meitu Xiu Xiu pictures to Hong Kong IPO.

recently, the Wall Street Journal quoted unnamed sources reported that the company plans to be expected by the material in the fourth quarter of IPO in Hongkong, raising $500 million -10.

followed by the media broke the news that the U.S. IPO valuation will be more than $5 billion. The Wall Street Journal reported in the U.S. IPO also said that in April of this year, the company has just completed a new round of valuation of more than $3 billion in Pre-IPO financing.

news for the IPO, there is no public response to the u.s.. In June this year, the World Congress of the United States, Sina technology has also interviewed the company CEO Wu Xinhong on this issue, but he said it was not convenient to voice. However, from the submission of an application for the listing of the news, the United States related to the investment per capita default message, have forwarded congratulations.

It is worth mentioning that the

, chairman of the board of directors of the United States also foreign default message. In an interview with media people Lei Jianping, relevant sources close to Cai Wensheng said: the reason is because the Hong Kong IPO, Mito more international development, Mito has hundreds of millions of users in foreign countries, and also has a large number of users in Hongkong, Mito to closer to the user.

Hong Kong stocks or due to investor pressure

however, Mito chose landing in Hong Kong stocks, "close to the user may just be the official rhetoric from the larger perspective, after all, the core and the most widely Mito users in mainland China.

in addition, Hong Kong stocks from the current form, Hong Kong IPO may not maximize the interests of choice, but in many analysts view, this may be the best choice for the MiTo company so far — if the exit returns from the investor’s point of view, it is perfectly logical and reasonable.

is the first time the face of the pressure of investors exit. Mito company was founded in 2008, this year is the eighth year of development, from the acceptance of the first investment point of view, has been more than 7 years. Public information, Mito got Cai Wensheng’s long collar capital angel investment of several million dollars in 2009, followed in 2011, 2012 and 2014, received a total of $360 million round of investment, the investment valuation of over $2 billion.

that is to say, for the company has not yet profitable, the investment company’s capital has reached a certain stage of survival, exit pressure self-evident. In fact, in the near future, the news about the transfer of the old shares of the company in the circle of investment. A report by the Shanghai Ju Peng Asset Management Ltd. owned by private equity fund Mito original stock transfer book was exposed, the content, the United States figure of shareholders of the company is selling the original shares to $3 billion 800 million valuation.

is the exit channel is currently not much choice. From the perspective of the user and the market, the best choice is to log in the domestic capital market, but the domestic capital

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