Liu Jinge so friendly website to realize the degree of conversion

Liu Jinge so friendly website to realize the degree of conversion

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movie people I want to have love to find the latest film on the website for the film site, many visitors to this site is to see if there are no updates to the latest movie, so, if you are able to do the first time to update you on the website is the most prominent position to write "recently updated" "new best film" and "new products" and "new film" and so on, for the first time visitors have cognitive website updated quickly on the site of a subconscious. If the visitors really see recent movies, so the next time he wants to see the film the first time think of is your website. But if you just to cheat the flow after viewing point in just a jump of advertising, then your web traffic this fall, not really. This will make the.

For example: The first

why? Because when we as a user to experience a website, you enter this website or check the information or is delayed or is a friend and so many reasons. A new website at the beginning of his PV is really very little, because most users just click on the direct point out, and some even inside the content is what did not see out. This user his conversion rate is quite low. So, seize the first batch of visitors is the priority among priorities of the US, because the first refers to your site visitors or love, or just discard your website. Which is our webmaster to do: let visitors to our website is met will, at will. Let us from the layout point effort, make it a glance to recognize our website advantages, subconscious feeling good website, unknowingly to browse the following it, then do we want them to do, for example, we have to buy goods, or buy our service, or trigger website advertising etc.. This view have largely become our loyal customers.

second lets you navigate outstanding, plus red bold cited click

website prominently placed tips or highlight

for the website of the friendly, some people feel very strange, these people may be a beginner; but for an experienced worker may Shanghai dragon is not strange, only do website friendly, website traffic and ranking will be. Because the site friendliness directly determines the user viscosity. The better your friendly website, your website user viscosity is also higher. As for how to do the site of the friendly, I in the following simple for everyone said:

when visitors see the website of the time, his order is the first left and right, after the first, the first move after the static, to focus on the color of common words. This is a habit with visitors. For those who love or navigation, or add the font is not the same as the color, they will likely point is very high, this can not make a conclusion, can only say that the probability will go to the point of high. With red or bold way which prompts the visitor waiting >

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