How to speed up the website articles included method

How to speed up the website articles included method

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how to do?

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is not long in our online website, our weight is basically No. But the personal website to write original articles updated few articles, think big website snapshot quickly, it is not possible, so for the webmaster update article less, not necessarily slow snapshot. Some methods through the investigation and analysis of the network speed, so all sorts of occupations adventure.has, not the same according to the root will achieve fast to collect fast.

know the ultimate goal of

website update rule


as a webmaster many are not good at writing this piece, the original technology road, want to express these experiences can be writing level is very bad, not easy to express it through this, don’t care, we can not contribute, we can go to find a registered account each time to copy articles posted to these articles and their related sites in the home owners list, and to achieve the comprehensive portal blog forum for forwarding the heat this is a kind of method. Like the Sina forum, Tencent, Sohu, NetEase, Tianya these forums are not too big to refuse advertising website to publish the article is no problem.

in addition to the original high quality content, we have to study search engine to determine the quality and heat of the site, can say the quality of Web site, the spider will think your site has high quality and heat, to look for the spider, the spider will recognize your original articles, like a song, listen to more people will be considered unpopular. Also we can operate the principle of our website article fried hot, such as our website is updated every day two to three chapter can, website updated article by forwarding need to add a hyperlink to a web site to let the spider know later in the article. Of course, if you write the original article, can cause the resonance between the portal to contribute, so we are hungry forwarded hundreds, if a release of two to three, then the number of forwarding you a conservative estimate forwarding can reach 500, if the spider in a in section 500 we will create a website that the spider can determine the importance of our site, of course in order to determine our website or spider is original, must appear in our article snapshot copy after the submission.

search engine no matter how changes are around the user experience to determine only the content of the site quality, it is also referred to as the original, this is also the most important search engine, website content quality which is the most basic requirements, of course, many websites no original can do, but this is not our concern, we care about the search engine is the original love this is the best.

update site must have rules, although do a lazy webmaster, there should also be a regular time, this is the love of spiders, like to work, no reason not a day a day, spider.

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