Why is not the first web page STE

Why is not the first web page STE

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there is a site domain name, see page exists in the search engine, the basic can be determined to be right down. Long ago, I had to use a domain name made a and Shanghai dragon related websites, at that time due to various reasons, the domain name search engine drop right, after they did not use the domain name, a few years later, the name was re used to do. I went to have a look at this website, found still in the down right, but site has lost home.


these days, found another phenomenon from a website, the search engine will be based on URL site visits to arrange SITE ranking results, we assume that a website is home to URL A, a web site and an article by URL B, generally speaking, most of the site. Visits home is certainly high. But there are also a small part of the site visits within the page when the page is relatively high, when an article access is relatively high, is likely to occur as in SITE domain, this article will be the first in line, but the website dropped to second place. With the normal traffic, this phenomenon will gradually change, finally turned site to become the first home.

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if a site site home page not ranked in the first, through the concrete analysis conclusion, determine whether the site is down right, the general is right down the site in site, home will be very reliable, not in the second and third place, if it is found that the home in second and third place, carefully look at what the page is ranked first, then through the traffic statistics (recommended Shanghai statistical analysis system of love), look at the rankings for the first page is what the situation is not brought more traffic. If you do a lot of people visit this page, that is normal, if there is no access to this page, or access the volume is very low, the site may be right down.

has talked about the web site in the search engine SITE is not in the first case, in the article, published some views, today to rectify this statement at that time, at that time, I have arbitrary that SITE is not the first home page on behalf of the web site is down right now, it seems, are so not all of the situation.

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