What is the refinement of Shanghai Dragon

What is the refinement of Shanghai Dragon

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The your plan refinement of Shanghai DragonShanghai dragon

optimization is a long-term and repeating the process, if there is no detailed plan is difficult to ensure that your site has the relative stable keywords ranking. But Shanghai dragon Er knows best to maintain a steady growth in the number of the chain, the update rule. These are to develop a detailed plan on the development of Shanghai dragon, the author under the plan, of course, is just one example:

specify your Shanghai dragon

chain resources many types such as BBS signature, blog, SNS, Shanghai dragon Er novice often put these chain resources on a notepad, it’s not good, is not conducive to management. Use the excel table in the form of the proposal, a type of the chain resources together, then you can also mark the website PR and other information in the URL behind.

1, soft article submissions: every day to contribute a A5 or chinaz.

: the first chain resource types to be classified

4, 2-3 station updated daily original articles.

plan was made according to the plan of your Shanghai Longfeng operation, such as with every day a few articles, some of the original articles. How much do every day the chain, which do BBS signature. These you have to write in the plan, the rest of you will need to rely on their own "execution" to perform. This step is the most boring process is repeated every day. How can we refine the Shanghai dragon operation? The author sums up the following points:

2, every day to A5 forum and Chinaz forum 10 (later can increase).

often do a lot of friend ignored the promotion of the web site optimization, in fact, whether original or false original can optimization, such as the frequency of keywords, keyword density etc.. Especially in the chain and the need to focus on the Title Optimization, a title is to attract readers is often the key to the success of an article, but remember that don’t do "standard"

Here the author

I think the Shanghai dragon needs as much as possible refinement, Shanghai dragon is a meticulous work. Must have a detailed plan, refine the Shanghai dragon operation, careful, sharp thinking Shanghai dragon. Experts, the author is not Shanghai dragon industry can only speak generally, I hope to play a valuable role.


second: the optimization of

3, several NetEase Sina blog, blog, blog, blog bus and other large Sohu blog each registered 1 account. The other small blog registered 5 to give this a few blog the chain.

a simple example, the specific circumstances you have your plan to deliberate, feasible. Don’t set too high and unrealistic plan. That not only you can not complete, will dispel your enthusiasm.

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