The operation method of second place share offbeat talent website

The operation method of second place share offbeat talent website

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then change talent website operation ideas, will provide talents for the passive position and take the initiative to help enterprises to attract talent, to help people get more satisfaction of the work, which requires local talent website operators will maintain service work further, according to the analysis of active personnel to provide resume and business units to provide jobs and, through the enterprise and personnel contact, as the local talent website service personnel to take the initiative to help these people to contact, this time not only by sending e-mail, instead of using the telephone contact way, the more likely to let the enterprise human resources departments and talents for better service, will enhance local talent service brand image, a bad impression of change before the light charges not working.

here is the second tier of local talent sharing website offbeat operating mode, while the second tier talent website of traditional operation is based on the Internet, through the search engine optimization to achieve web traffic, plus online and businesses to communicate, to provide various services to the business, this is not can not make money, but there are two problems, one is to earn less money, another may even lose money. This sharing of offbeat operating mode, can further activate the second tier market talent website City, in order to achieve maximum profits.

second tier local talent is relatively small and lean, while avoiding the first-tier cities talent website competition, but compared to the first-tier cities, second tier local talent website profit difficulty is relatively high, this seems to be played a tie, but for the operation of local talent team web site is relatively smaller or have certain the advantage, but this advantage can be transformed into profits, we must look at the operation mode of the team.

first, second offbeat propaganda city talent website, the author thinks that the publicity in the second city of talent website should follow a principle, that is the line of the principle of equal importance, in addition to online publicity on the importance of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, but also pay attention to publicity in the local portal site, QQ group and Post Bar, the cost of such publicity is relatively low, and below the line promotion cost is relatively high, but it can increase the trust of ordinary people on the site, through the line of publicity can let people feel more intuitive talent website a prominent role in the aspects of the introduction, and through a large number of line the propaganda, but also conducive to enhancing the website online connections, but the key to the sustainable development of local talent website.

finally used to engage in sideline, second place many traditional talent website is to provide more job service, which I think can use the site in large database, according to the current lack of personnel skills and analysis can produce the value of these skills, so as to provide skills training for relevant work on the site, although not the local talent website to engage their own, cooperate and is corresponding to the unit, but also can pass this way.

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