Wuxi Shanghai Longfeng electric station how do we do this optimization

Wuxi Shanghai Longfeng electric station how do we do this optimization

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two, the picture to be beautiful, because customers can see the products pictures on our website, so it is difficult to see the real product picture can not be deformed, rough and vague, it is difficult to win the trust of customers.

nine, the website pictures can not be too large, otherwise it will affect the site open speed; in order to avoid the picture caused by too much is too simple, can increase a >

, to understand a very simple truth, the website is for customers to see, not to see our own. This is the common characteristic of all sites. You may say I am talking nonsense, but I want to emphasize the business class website user experience is particularly important.

seven, the electricity supplier website internal link is very important, related products, the links between the relevant section of the link, a single product and total column should be prepared, so that the display of our products as much as possible products to customers, enhance customer impression on our website.

five, it is best to text introduction and related pictures together, customers look at the pictures also saw the product characteristics. This will help the users of the product impression, enhance website viscosity.

, six for image too much website is a very important point is that, the image alt attribute cannot be missed, so as to avoid duplication of the content, also can not open on the website picture customers know what is this product.

eight, at present a lot of friends in the establishment of the time and not very good planning, built and launched not to shield the spider, this is a big mistake. Some people think that the shield and without shield is the same, if you have this idea that is completely mistaken. In the station you constantly adjust, it is difficult to give a good impression of spiders, which directly affect the updated two times or even three times the site update time, virtually extend the study period, eager to use the site to bring is a blow for the benefit of the boss.

four, but the product page text introduction to do simple and clear, clear structure; because customers don’t have much time to read your text carefully, but we hope customers to read, it must be simple and clear, prominent features, it can save the user’s reading cost, but also can achieve the user objective to understand the product.

now B2C e-commerce sites more and more, the competition is increasingly fierce, with the rise of Shanghai Longfeng, many people invest in the target site optimization of this method, the hope can bring good rankings through optimization, increase profits and reduce the cost. But the B2C website has a great similarities that a lot of pictures, the content of the website is very single. Then we changed how to optimize the business class website

three do the product details page of product introduction, product parameters, as far as possible to reflect the advantages of the product, highlight features.


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