The value of search results and search results sorting method

The value of search results and search results sorting method

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four, how to row in the forefront of the search results.

in order to get the user’s attention by ranking, to affect the search engine results many websites through various forms, these methods are known as the Shanghai dragon, and the practice also proved that, through reasonable means to make their own website ranking is feasible, just like A5’s Shanghai dragon tutorial, very suitable for beginners Shanghai Longfeng learning, so long as we pay more attention to the right direction, you can make your website in the top row and users.


when searching for information on the Internet, we will find, looking for information through search engines, we will only focus on several web search results in the front, so what the search results and ranking method in the row in front of the value? That today Adu is going to introduce the three problems:

three is how to sort the search results.

short, if we want to get more and more attention, the front must make their sites in search results, although in the sorting process, the road is long, but as long as you work hard, as long as we persist, it must reach the final goal.

, the significance of the search results.

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values in the search results and search results sorting method

two, why the website to be ranked in the forefront of the search results.

Now we need to find

according to the related research proves that the search results first to fifth will usually get 98% of the attention, in other words, the top five monopoly user attention is the search results, so our website if you want to get more attention, will be in the top five, this is very much want to get into the top five causes of the website the.

search engine has its own set of websites based on the understanding of the algorithm, these new algorithms can make the search engine to evaluate a site from an objective perspective, and then give the corresponding weight, and the weight of these is reflected in the search results ranking, this is the sort of search results.

Internet data, because not remember too much of the web site, which we find in aimlessly in the data, then the search engine came into being, with which we can quickly find the information we need, the search engine will put these data through the search results reflected in our eyes, so as to reduce our for the time, this is the meaning of the search results.


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