Analysis quickly solve the keywords ranking rapid decline problem

Analysis quickly solve the keywords ranking rapid decline problem

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  when the last March 12th found that most of the website keywords ranking are in decline and 100, my website is no exception.

causes ranking drop The 1. common factors of Figure

: a template text template text is the site of the bottom keywords plus the anchor text point to the home page, as shown in figure


two path: some web sites are not unified using ASP program, the path is of course the dynamic path is not conducive to the search engine on the web by crawling and collected information; as our website before the dynamic path is: index.php m=content&? >

we can clearly see the website rankings and snapshots are not included, is no small decline; site: the website is not in the home; there would be many Shanghai dragon Er think the site is search engine punishment, that is the website drop right; but the fact is not like this. We need to review yesterday or last week their optimization is right, there is no cheating, or trading links; this website is related to the existence of the penalty phase, if the site is because some illegal means caused by punishment, so we need to find out the problem; instead of blindly to update the content as well as the hair of the chain, think that this will be able to recover these rankings; all these things do pressure of no help; the root is an idiot behavior. So I did some cheating behavior, optimizing the operation of the site is correct, but the ranking suddenly 100 out; let the small Wei Guang Sheng De to answer for you "quickly solve the keywords ranking rapid decline problem is divided into two parts:



Enterprise Station placed some copyright, telephone and other information for the record; what keywords encryption is actually doing keyword search is caught cheating, cheating is very strict for some.

a lot of Shanghai dragon Er that the reasons for the decline in ranking is because the site was down the right, but not the small Wei think so; if the factors affect website ranking is a lot, not to blindly believe that right down to, because there are many sites and site structure details are not caused by.

this is obviously cheating, we do not recommend to do this; at the bottom of the site is clean, not suitable for placing no related things; a lot of Shanghai dragon Er think keyword density is not on the site at the bottom of that add a keyword increased the key word density can enhance the keyword ranking; it is precisely because of these it leads to many websites but can not find the reason for the right to be reduced; so we need to keep the site at the bottom of the information clear and clean, like our website that rising Germany;

first to see rising de number 12 website

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