Google ranked webspam the factors influencing factors

Google ranked webspam the factors influencing factors

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seventh, too much advertising, Google has updated a page layout algorithm for web page layout, if not too much content, Google will decrease the website ranking, which is not only ineffective advertising content, and spam.

the day before yesterday, we introduced the brand impact on Google’s signal, and the signal is relatively very fresh brand a content, a content so it is worth a lot of foreign trade of Shanghai Longfeng Er to grasp, if you are interested may wish to understand it.

first, waste paper and pseudo original, Google after repeated algorithm update for spam and pseudo original content can be well identified, for the content, the principle of Google has been completely denied.

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third, deceptive redirection, for this technique, many Shanghai dragon Er should be familiar with, the multiple websites redirected to a master station, used to enhance the weight and ranking, it is a very effective method, but Google of this operation is generally quite taboo, punish K station.

eighth, hidden links, for Google, hidden links often means that these links to bad sites, so will cause Google special attention, if verified, the site is likely to be K.

fourth, pop and advertising, different from the domestic, in Google’s eyes, pop and floating ads is the most affect the user experience of things, serious waste site scores.

page sixth, excessive Optimization: many people report that, unlike the panda, penguin, noble baby began to a single page (even some key).

webspam Google ranking factors influencing factors

ninth, union website: This is not what secret, but the baby does not of noble exchange chain blind. In the noble baby link policy has been written very clearly.


second, one with inferior website, Google sees the inferior website includes selling fake websites, gambling, pornography, usury may have adverse effects on the user’s Web site.

tenth automatically generated content, many websites set up automatic generating program that web content (mainly article), for these, Google currently can easily identify the serious problem may be directly k>

fifth, website optimization excessive, this is a very old topic, keyword stuffing, the title tag description is meaningless, repeat a keyword, which may be punished by Google.

today, we then Google ranking factors of this topic, mainly explain the effect of webspam on the website ranking. Webspam literal translation can be a network of garbage, here you can understand that Google considered bad.

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