Vigorous nternet entrepreneurs who can move the cheese

Vigorous nternet entrepreneurs who can move the cheese

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introduction: as a technology media, we write the purpose of this article is to explore the Internet business, the securities industry changes. As the broker’s main source of income brokerage business, providing only the channel of the transaction, the added value is very low, it seems very easy to be transformed by the internet.


has been the impact of the Internet’s all a hideous mess in the retail industry, the securities industry is still in the barrier wall in live licence but in addition to the license, happy and pleased with oneself, we are going to want to know how to keep from the brokerage fee revenue? Tall on the financial industry to face the impact of the Internet, resistance is not small than uncle in the grocery store some strong


"off licence underpants, retail industry today, is whether the securities industry of tomorrow?" this is what we expected the title, but that really true? With vigour and vitality’s Internet business, in the end will not move to the brokerage


is not a thoroughfare traffic entrance,


this wave of Internet securities business, many are based on the mobile terminal. No matter the starting point is the community, or with capital investment consulting services, almost all products will eventually increase the transaction and account function, to achieve closed-loop.

in this industry, all of the products will become competitors, the user will eventually retain one or two stocks of App, which is the law of all vertical industries." The first expression of this view is the founder of the interest of Huang ho ho, after a few other entrepreneurs have expressed their recognition.

if this is the case, then the final victory in the competition of the product, will undoubtedly become an important mobile era stock flow entrance. The entrance is familiar with the concept of the Internet, but the broker does not seem to care about, so if a large number of investors to transfer these products, firms will not be strangling the throat of


in fact, this is not a new problem, in the PC era, flush and great wisdom has dominated the stock market software, more than 70% of the domestic firms are not their own trading software. The flush has nearly 100 million users, the total number is almost equal to the China investors.

in fact, however, the software provider PC era did not bring much impact to the broker, on the contrary, in the previous years, the profit margins of software service providers are far less lucrative than the broker. The formation of such a situation, mainly the result of the game between the two sides, the service provided by the software provider does not have enough scarcity, leading to its absolute bargaining power does not grasp.

securities is a relatively competitive industry, a large number of small and medium-sized brokerage costs are almost the same, there is no room for a sharp decline in commission. In addition, the broker has been using the price discrimination commission policy, there are still a lot to pay high commissions retained users, all branches of the commission policy are also different, so firms have concerns about a given channel ultra low fee, the operation is not good will hurt the interests of all business department. >

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