Google approached sitelinks to identify high weight website

Google approached sitelinks to identify high weight website

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is unable to access the website link, a short time is difficult to reach this level. Plus Google recently significantly increased the penalties for trading links, so the webmaster should be more on the website internal hard, good structure, in terms of content more carefully is the right path, your site must if things go on like this, can also get sitelinks from 贵族宝贝aikanwx贵族宝贝, the first admi>!

What is The new

even, even the first three pages are high weight portals, but still only the first to receive this honor. For example, when searching certain words in Google, sina is ranked first in the second, third is the Tencent and NetEase. The weight of these three sites I think need not wordy, but even so, still only in the first row of sina sitelinks and Tencent and NetEase have no (of course, there may be a NetEase or Tencent in the first row). The website links to this remarkable precious degree.

sitelinks? This is a product of Google’s unique, literal translation is "links", is actually more familiar with Google Webmaster Tools friends can also see the links in the background. Sitelinks is a Google for those high weight website offers, when you search for a word in Google, are likely to see the website not only gives the corresponding headings and links, but also appeared below the site of multiple link selection. This result to the user’s visual effect obviously a lot than the single title + link stronger, will significantly enhance the site click rate. This is Google’s sitelinks.

so, how to get links from Google there? There is no shortcut, only to do the site, improve the site weight, and thus enhance the trust of Google. First of all, the site must be ranked first in certain words; secondly, the weight of the website must meet certain procedures, such as certain words may be less competitive, in the first row of the night is just a normal weight is not high site, so the site will not be Sitelinks night. What need to do more weight high, the hands of a 2 year old site, spent a lot of effort, in the Google update in late August from the Sitelinks, can be said to be very not easy. Of course, on the other hand, the weight of reaction site sitelinks can be better, can be said to be more effective than the standard PR.

what kind of website to sitelinks? Google has not given an official answer, but according to the observation, only the high weight website to have this treatment. It can be said that the site of an industry website weight has sitelinks basically is the highest. Generally speaking, keywords can be routed to the first second (and it is more intense competition, it may get word) website link. Even in the third row fourth.

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