Holiday surge word search potential analysis of key words Qingming Tourism

Holiday surge word search potential analysis of key words Qingming Tourism

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of course, these are the key words, some words are also quite can tap the potential of the relevant search words here love Shanghai gave us the recommended index >



in one of the words is very important, this kind of word is a sudden outbreak of seasonal words, master these words can help us get more traffic during this outbreak, more transformation. Each industry basically has its own season, the season when some words will rise, such as the tourism industry, the surge during every day for holiday tourism + words suddenly in nature, so how to optimize this kind of words? How can we really from these words get more traffic, I according to the word "Qingming Tourism" to make a simple analysis with you, because contact with the industry is relatively shallow, so there are inadequacies please understand.

keyword analysis tool, here I used only as a reference index of Shanghai love love Shanghai official, of course, there are some other search engine traffic here temporarily do not consider. Only from the "Qingming tourism" and "tourism Tomb-sweeping Day" searches the two key words of the last month we can find the search volume is quite large, of which two words the average search index were 600 and 800, a month’s search index probably in 18000 and 24000.

The Keywords mining and control process of

for "Tomb-sweeping Day tourism" such a specific holiday tourism, is sure to be as a project in some large sites to operate things, to prepare many things, such as keyword analysis, customer orientation, special production, customer service transformation is multi link should be taken into account. The following specific for everyone on the Tomb-sweeping Day tourism related keyword search potential to do a simple analysis.

to see the two searches a quarter, also has a pretty good search, here we look at the love Shanghai index to our shots, one thing we need to look at is the peak time waveform and the rise time, peak waveform is probably at the end of March and early April this a week, if we can in this a week before the three row on the home page, or even the first, then, is a great help to get traffic, and wave form upward trend we found that around February the head, that time is the beginning of the year, so for this keyword traffic acquisition project, we may need to have some preparation at this stage, it is worth mentioning that the previous calculation of two words a month search index sum in about 42000, which is a quarter The search index sum probably around 54000, so the sooner the sooner you will get up from the rest of the more than 10 thousand search more customers:

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