Grasp the opportunity to search engine submission site optimization

Grasp the opportunity to search engine submission site optimization

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submitted my site to search engine optimization when you also need to master the search engine submission note, first you need to ensure that the submission website address is correct that the general search engine website address to include the full address of 贵族宝贝, if the website submitted after the search engine not included, do not submit their own times the website to the search engine, because it is not friendly to the search engine. In order to express the search engine friendly, we can be half a month or a month submitted to a search engine, because for some new sites, search engines need to judge the site, so we need some time interval. The website submitted time must be on time, don’t wait for the news or products have been added.

website source code upload procedures and good, also is the site after the production, the webmaster can put the site map link submitted to the search engine, let search engines know a new site has been built, waiting for it to grab. Do the basic framework of the website, including website navigation, the most basic title and meta are set up, it can be formally submitted to the search engine. Submission must ensure that the basic content of the site must be considered, not easily modified. Because, if a new submission shortly after any change of website content, it is easy to cause the site came right or web search engines will not be trusted. According to the different search engines which is submitted here I mainly each one has its own merits, for you love Shanghai, Google, 360 of the 3 search by search engine submission. Love Shanghai search engine submission is usually used: 贵族宝贝baidu贵族宝贝/search/url_submit.html, Google search engine by submission: 贵族宝贝 noble baby.Cn/intl/zh-CN/add_url.html, 360 search by submission: submit a http:/ / in the following address;

want to do website optimization, search engine recognition, you need to know your site search engine optimization, understand your site, your site will be recognized, will have good rankings. This process is the same as friends, by understanding – Communication – Shenzhen finally become good friends, for the process of Web site optimization is like your site in the search engine and make friends, only to match up to become the first thing in the friendship between old and young people; the construction site is to optimize the website on-line we submitted to the search engine. I combine my site to optimize and share how to optimize the site as our search engine submission and attention today, hope that we can help.


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