Shanghai dragon mail marketing promotion

Shanghai dragon mail marketing promotion

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mail subject: providing recipient information of interest

in our email to the appropriate contents of fusion products and services, rather than pure advertising information and language, that will only arouse people’s resentment, or to promote the role of the website or product visibility.

Shanghai dragon mail marketing promotion

virus in the network to promote the many ways of marketing promotion in many commonly used are blog promotion, Forum promotion, inquiry platform promotion, promotion Post Bar love Shanghai, but often overlooked mail promotion. In fact, email marketing as a small investment, quick marketing tools, is a killer marketing. So what are the characteristics of email marketing? How to make email marketing for you below detailed analysis?.

2, wide coverage of users. The use of e-mail marketing to face the country, without geographical restrictions.

remember mailing to edit in place, do not.

what was the most able to attract users to guide more users? Now analysis of mail content should be how to write:

3, bulk mail pictures to do just perfect to attract users, don’t remember pictures to polish, in order to attract more users to click. Don’t make pictures and images, and for users to consider.


is the first to find potential customers’ email address, there are many online email search software, I usually use the search to search more than 10000 email addresses for two hours, and most of them are available. Of course, search the email address is not blind search, but targeted search, their industry potential customer email address. For example, I was doing the logistics industry, is set to search only containing "logistics" Keywords "email address in the email search.

mail promotion?

1, the first is to do the bulk mail title text, a marked and valuable title not only allows users to distinguish spam mail and the probability, and can also improve the user decided to open and read the message content.


second, find the e-mail address, of course is preparing to send mail. But do not read into the garbage box and the user in order to avoid the emails, we should make a concrete analysis, consider the content and title of mail.

email marketing has the following characteristics:

then how

2 and mailing the title and content from local fusion marker. Let users do not think this is a letter to deal with spam.

1, email marketing low cost. General can use free e-mail to send messages, or use the VIP mailbox, use free email once sent in limited quantities, and sent the relative success rate will be lower and the VIP VIP mailbox, the mailbox at least once can send 100 emails, which greatly enhances the transmission quantity.

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