Related industry medical industry as the representative of the search engine optimization

Related industry medical industry as the representative of the search engine optimization

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especially in recent years the rise of search engine, search engine optimization industry has become more and more popular, the number of hospitals, medical products to invest heavily to invite high quality original articles on behalf of Shanghai dragon master who build their online medical kingdom. There are a lot of people or simply love Shanghai, pay the high cost of promotion.

can be said to a large grey medical advertising industry in the long term. These years, more and more people online doctor, according to the survey, China’s Internet search engine used in doctor who occupy about seventy percent of Internet users. That is what a huge group. So the medical information more and more appear constantly, the medical information be like Wu generally established medical websites, create various kinds of professional authority, the impact of the patient’s eye, many of our original list to write soft paper to write is all about medical industry received the.

first, search engine optimization is based on user search habits and real search needs more information "on the website will be provided to the user before", the site to bring traffic and conversion rates.

The following We sometimes hear that Shanghai ?

advantages: can through the search engine to find medical resources patients understand the relevant information, the faster the earlier xunyiwenyao.

disadvantages: first from the perspective of love Shanghai, love Shanghai large promotion link only by promoting the Commission to rank, also known as PPC, the price of more and higher ranking, and can not identify the medical information is true or not. Many of the patients were from Shanghai to promote medical love links to be deceived, and thus lead to a famous love Shanghai and 360 search wars. Secondly, from the perspective of search engine optimization, search engine optimization on various Shanghai Longfeng optimization methods, in order to help employers just get better ranking of search engine optimization, can not guarantee the reliability of medical information. So when the user search in the choice of content to be cautious.

, we come to the advantages and disadvantages of medical search engines are briefly introduced, why is this a gray industrial chain of

search engine optimization in the operation of a website at the beginning, is of great significance. A new architecture of the site in the early days, on behalf of a blank in the search engine, so the optimization of search engine marketing, that is we often say that SEM is a representative of the direction of network operations and marketing.

search engine optimization, although the search engine layout status is the lowest, but its impact is huge.

combat medical brush word or love Shanghai algorithm, I personally think that a large extent, is in the maintenance of their own interests. Because love is a source of income for the promotion of Shanghai love Shanghai the largest search engine, so they will continue to adjust algorithm, as search engine optimization, it can only adapt to the adjustment of the algorithm, study the new spider love Shanghai law, to establish the most appropriate own scheme.

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