The detailed analysis of website ranking factors keywords layout

The detailed analysis of website ranking factors keywords layout

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refers to your keywords in the search box enter the text, also is you ordered search engine to find something. Keywords our web page is placed in a "Keywords" behind.

in the website optimization process, analysis and layout of key words is not less than. This directly affect our keyword ranking and traffic. So in the optimization process, how should we carry out the layout of the keywords

5, a reference to other sites. We can refer to some peer reference website or competitor’s website, the observation of other website is how to collect what keywords. You can make the appropriate reference.

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1, choose effective keywords, keywords plays a website or the content of the product description words, select the appropriate keywords is an essential step in website optimization. As a web site keywords should choose search using keywords with effective crowd.

Processing and distribution of Effect of

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the correct use and layout of key words can improve the website or a keyword ranking, help users easily find the desired information or answer. And for the choice of keywords and plays a role in setting the navigation website development direction and content construction direction.


2, analysis of user search habits. In the mobile phone should go before the keywords analysis of user search habits. We should analyze what the user searches for keywords, and what keywords to help users quickly find the answer. These are all we need to consider when collecting the keywords.

3, listen to the opinions of others. When we are choosing keywords when the habit of using their own point of view, but such considerations are very limited, we should ask the opinions of others, others such as what kind of habits in the search keywords, find the same content used in what way or keywords to search. Listen to this advice in time to help us collect the key words is very necessary.

4 statistical analysis tools. This is mainly for the long tail keywords collection, when we use statistical tools to view the site traffic, will find the user search keywords in search of answers are all kinds of. But some key words help us website ranking and the user can find quickly, and some words are we forgotten in the collection time, these words we can collect, do content construction.

processing and layout keywords we must be clear, key words are divided into the main keywords and target keywords. The main keywords is the main push keywords for the entire site. While other words are generally as page or Directory >

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