Talk about the operation and promotion of building materials decoration site experience

Talk about the operation and promotion of building materials decoration site experience

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decoration materials website main target customer groups should include decoration companies, building materials manufacturers (including agents), ordinary family (home owners and other decoration company) (2). The website business objectives is of course for these customers to provide services related to building materials and decoration. From the owner’s perspective, need to understand and learn more knowledge and guide building materials and decoration industry information, so the site should be reasonable and extensive collection of such information; and as the building materials manufacturers and decoration companies, the site should be as far as possible to provide a better platform, improve its visibility and online trading opportunities. So the location site features must be at the same time, a good balance between the two aspects.

Market Research to master effective potential customers demand information, in the provision of products or services at the same time do. As a research object of industry website, the Internet can be placed directly on the target customer base, take the way you can choose online questionnaires (i.e. adding an online voting function on the website). In the design, to grasp the theme, to the point, targeted, content should be involved in existing products or.

, a web site to determine the target, make a reasonable position for the site.

three, publicity to the online and offline combination: get more customers.

propaganda in various ways, webmaster friends can choose the one and a serious effort to implement online: we can through professional building materials decoration Forum, blog and other publicity. The best way is through the release of all kinds of soft Wen to the major portals, of course, this is a fee need to support, but the propaganda effect is very obvious; the line we can combined with the decoration company, building materials manufacturers to organize various activities, to increase the site in the heart of the credibility of the owners. At the same time also can promote between the owners and decoration companies and building materials manufacturers to communicate.

four, market research, continuous improvement.

with the development of city and improve people’s living standard, the real estate industry the sought after by people. In this environment, decoration and building materials market prospects will relatively clear, so this kind of site competition is fierce. Following the operation and promotion of decoration and building materials to do a website to share:

two, the owners of the grasp of consumer psychology, a reasonable set of website content.


in the operation of decoration and building materials website, webmaster should notice: owners should be the intuitive and comprehensive target needs. If we can adopt related animation technology in the website, the characteristics and the use of decorative materials and the effect of intuitive display in the decoration owners in the face of let them enjoy the virtual room scene in advance through the eyes, believe those who hesitate to customers will be attracted by. So the website content in the focus on optimizing the user experience at the same time, some can not let go, do not just boring text.

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