Japan’s foreign trade website chain promotion

Japan’s foreign trade website chain promotion

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3. message board, message board is a relatively important to get the chain, because the message board of the Japanese for advertising situation delete more relaxed, so promotion website links in the message board is a good method, of course, in order to increase the site’s popularity, we should not only look at the Japanese message board, but in many ways to the release of the chain, in fact, English comments the chain is also a good choice.

6. conditional friend can try to hang the link to hang some of the weight ratio >


4. Yahoo quiz, the Japanese side for the Yahoo are more heavily, so we can ask for more, so for the traffic improvements, and included speed is also very fast.

now with the foreign trade website is increasing, different areas of foreign trade of Shanghai dragon also has a corresponding development, but the author is mainly for the Japanese website, so here under the promotion of Japanese foreign trade station, don’t speak well please give advice Oh ~ ~ ~ ~ kiss.

search engine is currently the main or Yahoo! JAPAN, and Japan’s Google ranking as above is roughly synchronous and Yahoo! JAPAN, so as to promote good Yahoo! JAPAN, so Japan’s Google ranking also will follow up. 1. blog promotion promotion, now we have blogs (such as livedoor, etc., the main Ninja blog) is a new blog and daily updates on the blog. After each blog website construction good blog, need to update every day, a new blog recommended daily update 2 articles or articles, when a large number of articles, can reduce the number of updates, and the next day or every two days this week to form an updated and more out of time for the construction of a new blog, so. The best is the original article, and must contain the keywords, if necessary also lists a number of key words there must be a key link, can’t put all keywords link up. Of course, if you can use the bug, that is also a good means of promotion to the.

5. bookmarks, bookmarks is a very stable chain, and often many blog sites are with bookmark function, you can go and see, there are special bookmark websites, so to discover, however, the relatively large role is YAHOO bookmarks I found Google bookmarks and livedoor bookmark.

2. Forum promotion, Japan Forum is relatively small, the Japanese YAHOO for Chinese forum will also be included, so you can find your competitors website to find the chain contained in their Chinese forum, and summarize, sort out those forums can be included in this article, the forum can only be used to do PROFILE, or you can to English BBS above to leave your own information or articles, it will also be included.

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