Love Shanghai share whether affect the ranking of the case

Love Shanghai share whether affect the ranking of the case

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some time ago love Shanghai has a product can not really fire, also caused some webmasters to brush this thing, it’s like other products like love love Shanghai, Shanghai library, Shanghai love to know, love Shanghai encyclopedia and a series of love Shanghai love Shanghai products, have added to their products for have a degree, otherwise it will instead, please look at one of the sites:

, a hotel you live musicThis website has been submitted in the

two, Shanghai ranked



see from the figure, not love Shanghai to share more times ranked better, but why can’t the highest number to the first row to? Or wait for the next update will have the opportunity to achieve? This is unlikely, if so, love Shanghai share may be removed from the algorithm, obviously, the the 71name station is out of the brush, the brush is not suspected, originally this thing is out of the brush, but did not share love Shanghai’s ranking is very good, do not share the love factor Shanghai algorithm, but speculation? Then I’ll give some cases to make people believe in love Shanghai share could have affected Shanghai ranked love? Continue to see below:

case share in the end influence of loveLove is to share Shanghai

Shanghai products chain to have sex appropriate or useful, don’t be blind, what things are negative, some owners also know love Shanghai K station, but most love Shanghai know have ranked, even if the site has been K also never mind. The most important is the proper use of, or suffer is your oh.

products recently this time of the fire, as if someone says Shanghai has been incorporated into the algorithm to share love, and some ignorant webmaster to brush this thing, say the user naturally share with brush can certainly recognize, such as your website traffic to that point you can brush, beyond the user, that is not what it is to cheat, but love Shanghai share whether can affect the ranking, this also further exploration, but the fact that it seems not very useful Oh, please see some keywords website ranking situation is to know:


A5, believes that part of webmaster are not strangers to this website, love Shanghai to give high weight of their products, so we use the facts speak,

as shown above, why not the URL, may be too much to give space to say love Shanghai too eccentric, when users search for content to see inside. Most of that is advertising, will not continue to view, we can open the love Shanghai encyclopedia look, did not find this. Then, in love with Shanghai snapshot query to know, under the condition of website weight ranking in view:

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