Palm public finance Zhang Jinghua entrepreneurship to force yourself into the corner

Palm public finance Zhang Jinghua entrepreneurship to force yourself into the corner

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hunting cloud network reported on April 2nd Beijing Railway Station (text / Fan Jingjing)

open class entrepreneurs in twentieth hunting cloud network, palm public financial founder Zhang Jinghua from the university to share his entrepreneurial experience, and explains the core of the Internet finance, put forward the "early entrepreneurs to do WeChat do App" proposal, and give entrepreneurs dry cargo sharing.

Zhang Jinghua is the Internet and financial background, 2008 and Northern students founded third party mobile payment platform "purse treasure", has now completed the C round of financing, and plans in the domestic market. In March 2014 Zhang Jinghua joined the business incubator palm public purse treasure as financial CEO. Not long ago, announced the acquisition of Chinese foreign loans and domestic investors pay close to ten million u.s..

entrepreneurs must first set their "roots"

Zhang Jinghua is the first pot of gold in the University and students together to write the computer books million yuan, after they took the money and three students opened Honghu studio, to other company website. Studio was developed to the size of 60 people in less than a year, but also a loss of about 600000.

is now in retrospect, Zhang Jinghua summed up the narrow vision at that time, did not grasp the progress of the cash flow. Although the venture failed, but the entrepreneurial experience has been so proud of Zhang Jinghua, we have no feelings of the four partners, at the lowest point to see each other’s character." Zhang Jinghua entrepreneurs in the open class with their first venture failed experience warned Entrepreneurs:

1, to learn to find partners in the venture, and the equity between the partners do not share, the ownership structure must be clear, not too early equity dilution.

2, you must do their own products to grasp, do not care about the size of the platform.

3, no matter how small the products have to do their own brand, entrepreneurs should have control over the product.

4, start-up companies can not pursue justice, as long as the pursuit of justice can be.

based on this, when doing the project of lightning borrowing, Zhang Jinghua only to do their own small loans to grasp their own bigger shareholders, and partners do not participate in each other’s investment. In addition, more important is he first put yourself into a corner, "entrepreneurs in other people also didn’t understand when you put yourself into a corner, let the market competitors enter, put out their own roots, not to let others to cool up."

reaction to lightning loan products, under normal circumstances to maintain a low borrowing costs, in a recent activity in the company is to achieve full free loan lending, the core is a good experience for the user, Zhang Jinghua said, as long as the project has realized the ability of the future, you can now do not charge a penny "I to the marketing department, the goal is to burn every day 100 thousand".

suggested that the early entrepreneurs do WeChat again

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