Love Shanghai super chain algorithm upgrade Webmaster Platform refused outside the chain of tools wi

Love Shanghai super chain algorithm upgrade Webmaster Platform refused outside the chain of tools wi

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in view of recognition, the upgraded algorithm will expand the chain of garbage disposal of. Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform plan line previously provided owners to use "to" the chain tool service function. At the same time, the "Shanghai love upgrade Webmaster Platform chain analysis tools," renamed "link analysis", "the death of new data analysis function.

The death of

at the same time the new data analysis function, may also help identify owners to better produce and reason of dead link entrance, fundamentally eliminate the production chain. Rather than passive submission tool to solve the dead links, links are crawling and indexing.

first, head in the face of large amounts of garbage, garbage domain link, although can use the batch submission tool to achieve filtering, but its operation is also not a small amount. But many websites will continue to produce new spam links, rely on manual operation to achieve filtering, bring a lot of burden to the webmaster daily operation work.

it is understood that the love of Shanghai recently hyperlink algorithm for a comprehensive upgrade, after the upgrade of the algorithm will be able to better identify spam chain, reduce the negative impact of the site because of a large number of low quality, such as false spam links bring.

then refused to have no fixed effect period after the chain, a few weeks or even longer to verify that there is a lot of uncertainty.

it is understood that the Shanghai love Webmaster Platform provided "rejected" the chain function problems in application of a lot of.

moreover, the chief of the chain after confirmation is not refused to cancel or delete, so there is a certain risk.

therefore, the love of Shanghai algorithm upgrade, through the algorithm of automatic filtering garbage chain, for the majority of spam links suffered distress webmaster, can say is a good news.

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