think about the highest level of the Shanghai Dragon

think about the highest level of the Shanghai Dragon

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difficult may be superficial, deep is often the most simple and common, but neglected! (my own motto), all must follow in the universe life the most basic is: "these two words, contrary to the nature of these two words, you will deviate from the normal the track, Shanghai dragon is the same, what keyword density, H tags are the clouds, must lay on the natural foundation, only natural weight will be high, the high weight to make your effort to play a greater role. For example, if the weight is the multiplier, then your efforts is the multiplicand (your efforts is that the chain ah, in the chain, what) if your weight is very low, if you work hard for 1 points, 5 points, then you try to harvest nothing equal to white, 1 by 5 or 5 if your weight is high, and it is not the same, 9 weight, you can try to reap

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I recommend you do internal optimization and the chain, in addition to the content of the original outside must be written that the spider is easy to read. The last quote Buddhism in a word for you: "all powers are decimal, only empty Avenue is


I’m not stressed that the alt attribute, just take it as an example, to give you a better understanding, the alt attribute or by what is true? Why should it be? The real ALT is written in concert with pictures where the title is written, not true ALT and pictures where the title echoes the words but to write what you want to do, in fact, doing so does not, not only improve your keywords ranking but also counterproductive, the real writing will have weight? A: not directly improve the weight, because there should be such a long time, you do not trouble is progress, and you don’t the truth is that direct deduction. So the true writing is to increase the weight indirectly.

I think the Shanghai dragon is not technology, but a standard is a standard, it is more important and the matching degree between the search engine, what is fit? For example, take pictures of alt attribute, love Shanghai Shanghai dragon has statistical check this one, some people will say "is not a small property? What’s the big deal?" in fact, the alt attribute itself is not the value of what you wrote for you maybe not ranked what a big impact, but you do not write this property, not only affect the spider capture, but involves the cooperation degree, it is a spider robot. Is not to see what is on the map, you only tell it what is this map it to know, it can be classified to it can not see, you can’t tell it, you are wrong! Spiders have a deficiency on each station To score, you don’t get any points with.

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