Three steps to teach you how to identify high quality Links

Three steps to teach you how to identify high quality Links

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, from the position of the link quality


know the spider crawling website, all from the top down. This shows that appear on the website before the more keywords natural get more points, but most of the site Links are at the bottom, so you can not say if, so we need from the analysis of limitations, such as the Links section, their net station is on the front or back, this position will affect the Links can deliver more weight. But the general webmaster exchange Links, should go home to think, for most sites, if Links placed within the page, so that Links don’t change it, because few website page weight, and the weight of the inside pages are generally very unstable, after all the weight of all the site is home to transfer.

is now in the webmaster circles there have been many Links deception, such as Links is called by JS code, pictures of the Links, ROBOT shield Links file folder, and link the most basic deception of friendship is the natural in Links add nofollow tags.


so, for the quality of the Links webmaster recognition, we must first look set to other websites Links section, if found each other Links section is the use of steering, steering, pictures. JS code calls, plus the nofollow label and so on some search engine cannot capture character words, such Links did not return any.

Links high quality plays an important role in improving the website ranking, if your site has with sina, the Sohu website do Links, so your site in the search engine rankings will get very high weight, the natural ranking will be more front. On the contrary, if we follow the low quality of the web site to do Links, have the opposite effect to improve the ranking of the weight of the site only, for example we tell a loved sea K station made Links, not only can not improve their website ranking of the worst case even counterproductive. So, the webmaster exchange Links should learn how to identify the quality of Links, carefully make the boat. Today I share how to identify high quality Links.

two, from the other side chain forum settings to see the quality of

so, once the first page of the weight decreased, weight will be within the pages of priority transfer to their own web site home page, but this time there will be the weight of their own website to obtain the transfer of relative reduction. So, the quality of Links station identification, to see each other their Links placed in what position, is a section of the front or rear, is a page or inside pages or page, special attention is independent of the position of the page, if you use ROBOT shielding it, so a little bit of weight cannot get.

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