The test results from the analysis of website optimization experience of site conversion rate

The test results from the analysis of website optimization experience of site conversion rate

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advertising revenue can be said to be the mainstream of a website, set aside to sell products, Taobao series of customer sites, most of the income of the site is to rely on advertising, but the stationmaster whether you want your ad conversion rate? Often many webmaster in optimize the site at the same time but ignore to strengthen the internal quality of the site. In fact, AD conversion rate can be very good for us to analyze whether the site service in place. If your site advertising conversion rate of less than ten percent, indicating that 10 users have 9 do not click your ad, from which we can see some problems:


site can be said to be no conversion, no matter what type of website we can tell the conversion rate of the page, in the site operations in advertising conversion rate, conversion rate of two, the following specific to talk about the three conversion rate, I think if you understand all the three conversion rate then, you will truly formal website operation.

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advertising may be suspected of such sensitive areas, some users see advertising will close the site directly.

optimization is good in the end how to judge? How to distinguish whether the optimization in place? I’m going to talk about my experience of Website Optimization Website Optimization today, in my opinion not only see the ranking and flow of a website, and should pay attention to the optimization of the core, why do we want to optimize the website because we need to improve the site? The conversion rate, then your website optimization to improve conversion rate now? This is what we are going to talk about today’s content.

3, advertising renderings do not high, we all know that the user wants to enter the website of the first impression is the surface, so the surface effect of advertising is best to choose some high quality.

you can think about it, if your website in the initial operation of only ten people to your site, but the ten men have five can be from the home page jumped into the page, it shows your web page conversion rate reached more than half, and in the website optimization after your site up to love Shanghai home but this time, your site has 100 different flow, but insufficient to enter into the 30 people, what from? Explain your web page conversion rate is not high, when the rankings in the web pages in your site is not ready, we are facing this problem in many websites: Rose but the income has not increased. This is our first need to know the problems in the website optimization Website Optimization on the road, and is not only the optimization of the site in the search engine rankings, we should also pay attention to the problem of the conversion rate of the page, if you are a Taobao page guest website, the higher conversion rate is not enough to increase your profit?

1, advertising may not meet the site theme, this advertising conversion rate is not high, must be modified.

page conversion rate of

advertising conversion rate

found a problem must be rectification, not in the station optimization at the same time forget.

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