The analysis to select keywords using relevant search

The analysis to select keywords using relevant search

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so you can know if you do the preliminary, this word, so competition cases degree is quite large, but not even a few months is more than half the time, it is difficult to make it up. So you can not choose this word. So let’s see it related search:

search can cause. Now in the competition more and more intense, more owners find love prospects from the relevant search, and some people will use ideas more clearly.



first, to check the flow of the keywords heat, is the most common love index in Shanghai, many of the webmaster is through the love of Shanghai index to query keyword traffic, relatively reliable. Today I will give an example to illustrate. As a joke Daquan, check the related flow about love Shanghai index first, as shown in figure

so, want to make a station was collected on the flow, although flow may be small, but is also a kind of exciting power. You should learn to choose to use keywords relevant search, search ranking is left from the heat of competition (competition) (> the right competition is more and more low). But most of the time, the word is to prevent others out of the brush, can love Shanghai index again check, here is to see the flow of search tips for more than half a year, because no one is willing to brush a word brush half of it. There are so many time to do other things as well.

search engine in the drop-down box and relevant search is one of the owners pay special attention to optimizing the lot. For the website keywords if it is too hot, sometimes half natural ranking up the. So many webmaster love through the relevant search search led Zhi to choose your keywords, the keywords today with examples to explain how to set the website using the search engine search.

Another point is that the

we all know, the drop-down box display word not particularly popular, there may be others brush up, and for the drop-down box, many words are some search engine, and the competition of small words. So you can put these words to the record, for later use. Let’s look at the relevant search

through the relevant search, we can easily see the drop-down box with the word search word rankings are not the same, generally speaking, the most relevant search ranked before, to is the largest flow, you do not believe you can see soso. So, we need to analyze how each word, the degree of competition, in general, large flow are more competitive, there will be the circle above a fish escaped through the Seine, some traffic are relatively satisfactory, but the competition is not so fierce.


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