Shanghai Longfeng heavy margin how do the user experience

Shanghai Longfeng heavy margin how do the user experience

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four, website construction of the chain of

site open speed directly affects the user evaluation of the site, if a site open speed in 15 seconds or more, it can be said that the station is to keep the user, because the user’s time is precious, no one is willing to in 15 seconds to wait for a website to open, unless the station the content is the one and only.

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we know how a website user experience is good or not? We can judge from the following:

Er often mention the user experience, so what is the user experience? How to evaluate a website user experience for the quality of

website for users which are not attractive. Duplicate content is of no value, we do not love, not looking to repeat the contents of the value of our users are no exception. So the website rich content, originality is an important aspect of good user experience.

has a good user experience, our website to get love users and search engines, but also can get a good ranking, as we bring effective flow rate.

The relationship between the relevant page,

this paper by heavy margin of Shanghai Longfeng original reproduced please.

? The contents of a single, repeated high

three, website

website, the internal columns will also affect the user experience of the website. In the construction of the chain will directly affect a convenience of browsing content on the site within the chain, good will save the user’s reading cost, increase website viscosity.

is the user experience, search engine is the core of the website optimization is the core, because the user is the core, the site is not to see the webmaster, is to give users see, without the user’s Web site is a site failure. Simply say that the user experience is the first impression of the open web site said the detailed contents are: site layout structure, color collocation, website open speed, customers in the website to browse the contents of convenience etc..

when you open a web site, color collocation makes people feel uncomfortable, then you will continue to stay in this website? The answer is No. Our customer is the same, he also won’t stay in our website.

, a website open speed

the content of a web site layout determines whether to put in front of the station with the latest news of the user, whether the user can find what he needs in the shortest possible time. If the user in our station for one minute did not find the content they need but also in a station with only 15 seconds to find he needs content, so the user does not love our station.

two, the website color collocation

The layout structure of

five, the content of the website

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