Shanghai Longfeng novice ten domain knowledge must know

Shanghai Longfeng novice ten domain knowledge must know

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time domain name registration, domain name on the contents of the first search engine included time is also very important. Some old domain name after the purchase is placed where there is no resolution, then the search engine without any content, so it is not very early to be included as long as the domain name, domain name search engine included have records, then later re registered the domain name search engine will take the old identity towards it, and give more weight.

want to talk today about the domain name that something, can make a comprehensive understanding of Shanghai Longfeng novice a good domain name for Shanghai dragon, do Shanghai dragon friends should be very clear, the domain name is one of the ranking factors, and the domain name is the first to give users the sense of sleep and intuitive feelings, a a good domain name can let users remember to add a beautiful website. The domain name is one of the most important intangible assets of Internet Co and individual owners, all the content of the website and are associated with a particular domain name phase flow. A good domain name has a certain influence on Shanghai Longfeng and site operators.

is the so-called spicy ginger or old, domain name registration sooner, the more favorable for ranking, it is certain that. Because of this the purchase of the old domain name is the common practice of Shanghai dragon industry. It can not only conducive to ranking, and can quickly increase the weight have PR value, if you have a Yijiujiuji years of domain name, then you will be rich.

first of all need to talk about the domain name suffix, Shanghai dragon industry has such a popular view of.Edu and.Gov could not be registered the domain name was born with a higher weight. .edu only American universities and other educational institutions to register.Gov, only the government can register. In fact, this problem in previous posts I have already talked about, they are not innate advantages, but the domain name of the site is the advantage of quality, because the site does not exist garbage or poor quality articles and so on, and the evaluation and reputation of giving is relatively high, therefore, this website in the comprehensive level of late to prevail. Back in Shanghai dragon circles they are recognized as the best of the chain resources, Shanghai Longfeng optimization is nothing more than two points, the first point in the station optimization, second standing outside the chain construction. This platform is undoubtedly the most popular Shanghai dragon Er, in fact, there is no correlation between the thought of this problem.

In addition to the

, a domain name suffix


three, a domain name for the first time included time

time domain renewal

two, domain name age

this view may seem simple, but not simple, because the search engine judge you on this site is hard to do, the general black hat Shanghai dragon usually registered domain name only a year’s time, because they know the black hat often so too long to renew the fatal disaster, for their own good, for the search engine, if the registration time is short by search engine queries.

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