Remember love Shanghai June 28th Google update gift analysis

Remember love Shanghai June 28th Google update gift analysis

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Great changes once again

(2) content. This is a fundamental change from the pope. The quality of the content is not high, especially the acquisition, this included dramatic decline. There is also a hidden page greatly, site hundreds of thousands, but only two or three pages.

1, Google PR update. The last PR update, or at the beginning of January, so long time not update, suddenly update. In this regard, no matter what road brick home can’t forecast. So, the webmaster has to do is to do the station. According to the observation, the general chain didn’t change (like Shanghai and YAHOO) PR mostly decreased or unchanged, and insist on doing the chain site PR has increased from 0 to 4, some even.

search engine to remind the webmaster, can not be too dependent on the search engine, if you browse the most from the search engine, then the search engine change, for your site may be devastating. At the same time, improve the grade of the site, improve the user experience, the search engine optimization in the future will become more and more obvious and important. In this paper, by 贵族宝贝hot.36578贵族宝贝>

(3) in June 22nd, Shanghai ranked love back, snapshot to June 9th, after a gradual recovery.

2, love Shanghai update. Since the last 2 months, there is no love Shanghai normal.


June 28th, 2011 this month should be even the most "memorial day". Love Shanghai and Google have little understanding together to update the Shanghai dragon industry fluctuations is not small. Online someone joked, "are the gift" (July 1st). Despite these jokes, for this update, or a pattern, a summary of the lessons.

(4) and the Shanghai, love included range decreased greatly. But in this update before the love of spiders in Shanghai is also very active, especially included fast and more.

(1) algorithm to adjust the love of Shanghai. The search engine algorithm is certainly changing, and if it wants to adjustment, certainly not finish, according to the two months of observation, the future certainly a month, there may be no common fluctuations.

can be seen from these, love Shanghai this update are:

(3) link. The internal and external link, in essence is not much, no matter from the Google PR update or update results through this love Shanghai test, links plays an important role.

(2) in Shanghai to seize the Shanghai home know love love. A lot of words especially "how to do", "what" word, love Shanghai know even occupy 7 seats, and a large range, then gradually restore.

(1) May 20th love Shanghai big update, many keyword ranking from the home page down to third pages, after again.

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