Entrepreneurs please give yourself a little lower wages

Entrepreneurs please give yourself a little lower wages

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editor’s note: the author of the article is Mark Mcdonald. He was a co-founder of Appster and CEO, Appster service to those non-technical founders, help them accelerate product launch speed, cost savings.

when you start a startup, you need to think about two questions: how to raise money for the company and how to set a reasonable salary and consider hiring more employees.

as the company continues to grow, how to set up an appropriate salary standard for yourself and employees is a key issue.

how much salary should be paid

in the four years since Appster was founded, Josiah and I were paid $350 a week, or $18 thousand and 200 a year. The salary is not very high, but enough to meet our daily expenses, and we will continue to use the remaining wages for the company.

many entrepreneurs in the transition from a partner to the role of the decision maker, often make a mistake, they will not realize in every penny business started when the extra costs will in the future with more money to make up for.

if you start with a salary of $100 thousand, it will take a few years, and the single wage will cost millions of dollars. Just imagine, if the millions of dollars in the development of the company’s business, then in the past few years the company’s product sales and the company’s development will rise to what extent.

so in the initial stage, as the founder of the enterprise, you only need to provide enough to pay the bills of daily life can be. You’d better cut your daily expenses if you can.

I like

and Josiah, we rented a single room in a student apartment, occasionally rest under the office desk, will try to reduce out with friends watching movies or dinner and other activities. You know, the less you spend, the less pressure you will face.

if for some reason (for example you have kids to feed or other matters), difficult to cut your expenses, then you need to take your time and do more work in the daytime, there is a fixed work, and at night or other spare time for your dedication and creative enterprises.

how much salary should be paid to employees

although candidates often say that salary is not important, but if you think you can give employees a little salary is wrong, even if your business is still in its infancy.

The founders of

often have the idea that employees will join them even if they seem to be attractive, even if wages are lower than they are.

however, when you hire an employee, if

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