Depth analysis site optimization in order to achieve the second effect

Depth analysis site optimization in order to achieve the second effect

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              C: the title to visit new in order to be different, spider >

              to pursue the second effect, we must first know why can others sites by seconds. This one has a common characteristic is in doubt, the spider love site will one day hundreds of thousands of times the crawl. But is love website spiders don’t have become a problem, how about the second? So the first thing we should do is to improve the friendliness of the site, the spider love on your website, your website can.

              B: the content of the novel, refers to the content must be fresh. Don’t don’t collect pseudo original, avoid the Internet highly repetitive content. The content of the novel is hard to find, so pay attention to the original is the most easy method of search engine attract sight. Even if one day we update only a few original article, search engine trust degree is far higher than that of dozens of pseudo original, although the pseudo original may be temporarily unable to identify, but when spider back is right to be reduced, and how about the second?

              A: update to steady, this article is to achieve the necessary factors of the seconds. The number of articles updated daily to keep in a stable state, the best time will also unified. Otherwise, the more broken and every two or three days, how to win the favor of search engine? Website update also determines the spider inert inert, you will also update the spider diligent diligent up.

              1: improve your friendly

              page is the second, literally is in the content after the release can be indexed by search engines, but also a manifestation of search engine friendly site. We say that the second, in fact, although some exaggeration, but it is an indexing speed, for now the real effect in addition to reach the second estimate without manual intervention for it, of course there are absolutely we did not need to care too much. So we say that the "second" is the realization of the search engine in terms of the effect in a very short period of time. The network is the pursuit of speed, one step ahead means more advantages. We do stand more so, this is the original content, but late step included face is likely to be search engine button "plagiarism" hat. So we talk about the website here how to achieve the effect, to seize the initiative included.

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