The depth of analysis reason new website not included

The depth of analysis reason new website not included

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finished the advantages of the old domain, we look at the shortcomings, if inadvertently, we choose the old domain name "criminal record" of the new station will turn us into the ditch, not only will not have good rankings and the weight, there will be unexpected wonders, the site is not included, the most terrible is that you don’t to know why the site is not included, when his website is the original article, there is no mass outside the chain, not to title, but is not included no weight, if you are experiencing this doubt, quickly check domain history.

as a new web site, Shanghai new hope love can produce new content, hope to be able to produce high quality original content is not on the Internet, that as long as we meet the love of Shanghai is sure to make our website fast included, rankings and certainly not wrong, but why not do

has found a lot of websites are very greedy, it may not be all your optimization keyword in the title page above, that it can achieve rapid ranking. In fact, love Shanghai has banned Title keyword stuffing, especially as a new website built will greatly increase the love of Shanghai on your web site, "Prejudice", henceforth not to. A clear and concise and contain the keywords of title is the most popular, Taiyuan Shanghai dragon learning network is to follow this principle produced by Taiyuan Shanghai dragon is the need to optimize the keywords, and after learning network combination and website brand word, is not reasonable?


know the old Shanghai dragon is the domain name itself with certain weight, so a lot of time when new sites will go up an old domain name, so you can better help your site to increase the weight of import.



recently love Shanghai and in the adjustment of their own algorithm, the action range is relatively large, the webmaster circle better buddy are complaining about their new site not included or included very little, Tucao sound, Taiyuan Shanghai dragon learning network according to the description summarizes 7 reasons lead to a new site is not included. I hope everyone can be adjusted according to their own situation, as soon as possible out of the new sandbox.


two, the New Website Title Optimization over

, a domain name for their own reasonsWhere do

four, the website frame layout problem

website content is. But there are still many a commonplace talk of an old scholar, Shanghai Dragon Staff "to defy the law, regardless of personal danger in order to complete the task under the boss to copy paste, copy and paste it, anyhow is readable, the results of these articles are can not bear to look into the article, needless to say, let users see. I will not go, no end, no pictures, no place can make people look comfortable.

three, the new content of the website sourceAlthough the

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