Shanghai dragon without end what to do later website maintenance

Shanghai dragon without end what to do later website maintenance

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this article focuses on analysis of the post website maintenance do what.

, a ranking monitoring

search engine optimization (Shanghai dragon) where is the end, to what extent can I enjoy optimization, when is the end? This may be the first contact with the Shanghai dragon friends will naturally think of a problem, I also thought. People are lazy, that day, thinking about being a pity, after doing work in Shanghai for more than a year of the dragon, to really understand the Shanghai dragon is not the end. He is a cyclic process, an infinite loop, until the day you stop the operation of the web site. Here you will not feel hopeless and fear, need not, later is a virtuous circle, will be a lot easier. Here is not the end of the work we do:

The maintenance of Keywords

preparatory work is certainly not enough Er are involved in the Shanghai dragon, is also very good, when ranking at home or to achieve our desired position, you should not only continue to consolidate, but to start new work – site maintenance analysis.

Shanghai dragon has a lot of work to do, but all the work should be started from the first ranking of monitoring. We are using general ranking monitoring software, such as webmaster tools, love stand nets, a lot of software. But here to remind, do not frequent to use, because of the noble baby, the agreement is not allowed this behavior, you frequent operation may cause you to temporarily unable to use noble baby贵族宝贝. Reasonable use will reduce the burden of work in Shanghai dragon er. Keywords on the site must be mastered.

monitoring is required for ER to Shanghai dragon target keywords on the website of the familiar, be familiar with the target field, because in different periods, the target keyword is in constant change, you must timely grasp the search volume keywords, users search habits, >

site analysis is Shanghai dragon, from here you can know the number of visitors to the site, visit the page on the website, visit source, residence time and jump out of the page. Based on the analysis of these visitors, the webmaster can help users to understand the psychological, to understand some of their habits, and their own web site user experience effect, these can be mastered through the analysis. Each of these steps can expand a lot, there is no detailed said.

The important work in maintenance of

three, keywords and link monitoring

first, Shanghai dragon cycle is divided into six steps, the website – Page Optimization – link building – ranking report — Analysis of Web site traffic analysis — Analysis of website structure analysis to key words, Shanghai dragon Er to constantly repeat these work, a little slack, the ranking of the site is likely to fall. The specific content in my earlier article "Shanghai dragon optimization six steps" are described in detail.

two, website analysis

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