Analysis on the current situation and future development direction of the promotion of Medical Netwo

Analysis on the current situation and future development direction of the promotion of Medical Netwo

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solution is not to say that all users will click on the first page of the rankings, if possible, can the price adjust the first try! (individual did not love Shanghai, this is not to say

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, love Shanghai promotion: there’s change is the biggest does not let you in bragging, what the best morning ah, do stream of people, goes to work in the afternoon, what 3 days will be able to make a person, directly to the ban, a word is not to tell you later in bragging, honest to make your publicity, anyway, is not allowed in the promotion of the site that you love Shanghai bragging

recently love Shanghai search pattern is more and more big, especially the user experience, make more and more perfect (not ring flow), this article is mainly written love Shanghai’s own products above changes on medical information points and data transfer:

seconds to delete!

solution: cannot send text, we can send pictures to map, not a site data sharing over their medical station share does not come, can stand outside promotion data sharing over, if all share and publish up then put the previous post to the top, or in short the successful, also a medical XXX inside nearly 1 owner, recently invited Post Bar bar in particular, good by, since this would become a hospital, can be said to have been very difficult.

three, Shanghai Post Bar: love is probably around January began to love Shanghai Post Bar integration, some health care directly to delete, also is the implementation of the main way to invite many members to integrate many Post Bar once, for account some alleged serious irrigation was performed on shielding measures, the most important is, it is very difficult to.

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in addition, Shanghai mobile phone sex know pass rate is also very good, you can consider

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as above, the integration of several love Shanghai know and love Shanghai cooperation sophisticated medical sites, such as: Xunyiwenyao net, net, 39 Health, the more famous sites, in some places almost all calls are more than a few sites, love Shanghai know almost all have no, also know love Shanghai open the expert channel, especially in the hospital, if you ask what the experts say can through the audit, if you do not ask what the experts say, directly

solution: Overall, after the Shanghai know the promotion of love, is hard to do, but you can also become a XXX hospital "brick house" to give the patient to answer, but this requires a certain file can let you become the "brick house" the need to assist the hospital.

also in love for many Shanghai medical information Post Bar by reducing the power, and in the search XXX gynecological hospital gynecological hospital before entering the XXX appears below it and so also cancel

two, Shanghai

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