Look at the development of the search engine from love Shanghai Google algorithm adjusted

Look at the development of the search engine from love Shanghai Google algorithm adjusted

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June 28, 2011, Shanghai, noble love baby in the night before to make the different degrees of adjustment. Compared with the noble baby love Shanghai PR value adjustment, this move makes a bit to see through. In view of the current situation, the general rise included and the chain of love, can be said to be included in Shanghai rose sharply, of course, this is to maintain the initial situation of the website can see the use of normal means. Then the following cool to the network to share with you some cool to change the network’s website:

the same day as the Google update, love Shanghai has also made the corresponding adjustment, rather than as usual on Thursday to make minor adjustments, but relative to the adjustment of Google, love Shanghai put a Oolong (see below). I believe love Shanghai algorithm adjustment is aimed at Google. After all, both for the user. Through today for love in Shanghai, cool to network that included many sites have greatly improved, examination is the main way through Shanghai dragon tools, or by Shanghai command to search for love. Shanghai love to find relevant results below is more than 300, but the show only a dozen. According to this we can see that the content of the website is indexed by search engines, but did not show up, according to the website optimization experience to cool network for many years, the love of Shanghai has put the station content included in the database, to be adjusted according to the quality of the content after the algorithm will show all. Of course, the purpose of doing so is to obtain a better user experience.

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is the management of the site, the PR value of the noble baby is generally on the rise, but found in with other personal webmaster friends to discuss when a decline in the. This is the case, first author on hand for the management of the site upgrade PR glad. In this noble baby update, in addition to PR rose, and most of the web site keywords have improved. And the PR value decline website, after the author analysis. Most of the content and quality are relatively low, is directly reproduced or used the acquisition software website, and this type of website content and user experience are relatively poor. And through the efforts of maintenance, website content rich and readable website basically get a corresponding return. So Google this adjustment is based on the user experience as the basic criterion of the adjustment.

from the two search engine updates the norm, and the objective is to re adjust the user experience, ranking website ranking, as most users want to show content. For example, like "Shanghai dragon" of the word, search the word most users want to know what is the Shanghai dragon, because most of the network marketing industry users don’t know the meaning of "Shanghai dragon", so this love the sea after the page has no, some personal blog website. Are some of Shanghai dragon related knowledge website, such as "Shanghai dragon why", "rain", "love Shanghai Post Bar" knowledge-based website. In >

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